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ownerMike Frysinger
last changeSat, 28 Sep 2013 05:36:27 +0000 (01:36 -0400)
2013-09-28  Mike Frysingerimages: update small tile to try & pass CWS guidelines main
2013-09-28  Mike Frysingerhandle connection errors v3.2
2013-09-28  Mike Frysingertcp-client: do not leak sockets
2013-09-28  Mike Frysingertcp-client: handle connection errors
2013-09-28  Mike Frysingertcp-client: do not create multiple read pollers
2013-09-28  Mike Frysingercontrols: fix hotkeys when focusing elements
2013-09-28  Mike Frysingerplaylist/metadata: do not crash whilst connecting
2013-09-10  Mike Frysingerplaylist: fix handling of undefined currentsong
2013-09-03  Mike Frysingeronly refresh metadata/playlist tabs when the underlying... v3.1
2013-09-03  Mike Frysingercontrols: fix display of volume/position when values...
2013-09-01  Mike Frysingerimages: update screenshot
2013-09-01  Mike Frysingerauto-reconnect when we get an error v3.0
2013-09-01  Mike Frysingerplaylist: add ability to play an item
2013-09-01  Mike Frysingerplaylist: fix display, and let people delete items
2013-09-01  Mike Frysingercontrols: add shortcut keys for a bunch of items
2013-09-01  Mike Frysingercontrols: swap play/stop buttons to match classic winam...
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