Updated buggy example.
[dump.git] / examples / dump_on_cd_3 / README
1 I took the dump_on_cd_2/EN/* scripts and merged the pair of scripts into one
2 script, which checks it's arguments to tell whether or not it is called from
3 dump and acts accordingly.
5 The script commandline takes dump arguments except -f (output file/device), -F
6 (script to run after each volume is finished) and -B (volume size) which are
7 overridden.
9 You can use the script to backup to CD with cdrtecord from cdrtools or to
10 DVD with either cdrtools with DVD support or growisofs from dvd+rw-tools.
11 You must configure the burning process by adjusting the variables at the top
12 of the script.
14 Andrew Basterfield
16 bob@cemetery.homeunix.org