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2011-06-10  Stelian PopMove from examples to testing
2011-05-23  Stelian PopAdd quick regression script.
2008-05-18  Stelian PopYet more improvements to cron_dump_to_disk.
2008-05-14  Stelian PopMore improvements from Aaron S. Hawley <aaron.s.hawley...
2008-05-13  Stelian PopMore improvements from Aaron S. Hawley <ashawley@source...
2008-05-05  Stelian PopImprovements to cron_dump_to_disk
2008-04-18  Stelian PopMore cleanup fixes.
2008-04-17  Stelian PopCleanup output of cron_dump_to_disk example.
2005-01-13  Stelian PopUpdated buggy example.
2005-01-07  Stelian PopAdded a new dump on cd/dvd script.
2003-04-08  Stelian PopEncrypting rmt
2002-07-02  Stelian PopCorrections from Georg Lippold
2002-07-01  Stelian PopNew examples for dumping on CD/DVD...
2002-05-17  Stelian PopScripts to dump to a remote CD burner.
2001-11-30  Stelian PopAdded backup scripts from Eugenio Diaz.
2001-11-10  Stelian PopScript from David B. Peterson.
2001-10-15  Stelian PopNew version from Patrick.
2001-10-02  Stelian PopAdded howto from Patrick Walsh
2001-09-12  Stelian PopAdded Helmut Jarausch patch for restoring from multiple...