Make the directory hashtable optional and controled via restore -H
[dump.git] / restore /
2005-07-07  Stelian PopMake the directory hashtable optional and controled...
2004-07-13  Stelian PopTroff syntax fixes in the man pages.
2003-06-11  Stelian PopExplain that restore -C could fail because of a overmou...
2003-03-30  Stelian PopRelicensed dump/restore under the revised BSD license...
2002-11-19  Stelian Pop'Set permission on the current directory ?' explanation.
2002-07-24  Stelian PopMan pages rewrite.
2002-06-08  Stelian PopAdded -o flag to restore.
2002-06-05  Stelian PopDocumented the -d option in restore.
2002-02-04  Stelian PopFrom Uwe Gohlke:
2002-01-25  Stelian Pop-A archive file implementation
2002-01-22  Stelian PopMade -Q option work on regular files.
2002-01-16  Stelian PopAdded -a flag to restore (automatic walk through volumes)
2002-01-16  Stelian Popnoos ->
2002-01-11  Stelian PopAdded -L option to restore
2001-11-16  Stelian PopFixed the remote tape/file detection in restore.
2001-11-10  Stelian PopMinor manpages syntax corrections.
2001-09-12  Stelian PopAdded Helmut Jarausch patch for restoring from multiple...
2001-07-18  Stelian PopQFA fixes.
2001-07-18  Stelian PopAdded -F script option to restore.
2001-04-24  Stelian PopMore documentation on -Q use.
2001-04-10  Stelian PopQFA support.
2001-03-23  Stelian PopAnother set of cleanups from Andreas.
2000-12-04  Stelian Popcybercable -> noos.
2000-05-28  Stelian PopError code to restore when compare errors detected.
2000-03-09  Stelian Popupdates to the -X option...
2000-03-08  Stelian PopAdded the -X option to restore (read names of files...
2000-01-21  Stelian PopSmall linebreak updates.
2000-01-21  Stelian PopUpdate the location of dump home page (to the sourcefor...
1999-12-05  Stelian PopDocument the 'M' flag.
1999-10-30  Stelian PopAdded the RSH variable to specify a replacement for...
1999-10-13  Stelian PopAdded version in usage text.
1999-10-11  Stelian PopAdded CVS Id.
1999-10-11  Stelian PopVersion 0.4b7. release_0_4b7