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Fix restore when symtab file is over 2GB in size.
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2005-07-07  Stelian PopFix restore when symtab file is over 2GB in size.
2005-06-08  Stelian PopFix big endian issues with EA/ACL
2005-06-08  Stelian PopFix restore of ACLs.
2005-05-28  Stelian PopFix code to not require ISO C99.
2005-05-02  Stelian PopAdded EA/ACL support in dump and restore.
2005-03-30  Stelian PopFix an issue with the size of dump maps appearing when...
2005-03-30  Stelian PopFix a small bug on an error path introduced by the...
2005-03-18  Stelian PopFix another hashtree bug in restore causing "removenode...
2005-02-25  Stelian PopRemove a few unneeded Nflag
2005-01-24  Stelian PopSmall missing \n
2005-01-24  Stelian PopEmit warnings not panic() when comparing a file and...
2005-01-14  Stelian PopForce restore -C to imply -N
2005-01-14  Stelian PopFix restore -C to handle correctly directories containi...
2005-01-14  Stelian PopSilenced the failure to call fgetflags() when comparing...
2005-01-13  Stelian Popchdir() back to the initial directory when abort()ing.
2004-12-15  Stelian PopBetter comparision (including directories).
2004-12-14  Stelian PopHashlist implementation for directory entries in restore.
2004-12-10  Stelian PopFix a problem in restore where the final \0 in the...
2004-08-16  Stelian PopFixed negative size displays in restore
2004-07-13  Stelian PopTroff syntax fixes in the man pages.
2004-05-25  Stelian PopFix a couple of gcc 3.3.3 warnings.
2004-04-21  Stelian PopFix some compile warnings.
2004-04-13  Stelian PopMade restore understand FreeBSD UFS2 dumps.
2004-03-29  Stelian PopFixed LFS problems when restoring huge dumps (with...
2004-01-28  Stelian PopUse minor()/major() instead of "& 0xff" in order to...
2004-01-27  Stelian PopFixed restore of Solaris 7 ufsdump.
2003-11-22  Stelian PopSome corrections from Uwe Gohlke.
2003-10-26  Stelian PopFrom Uwe Gohlke:
2003-06-11  Stelian PopExplain that restore -C could fail because of a overmou...
2003-05-08  Stelian PopMake configure understand CPPFLAGS=, CFLAGS=, LDFLAGS=...
2003-03-31  Stelian PopAdded LZO compression.
2003-03-30  Stelian PopRelicensed dump/restore under the revised BSD license...
2003-03-26  Stelian PopLots of fixes from Philipe Troin:
2003-02-17  Stelian PopFix the fix, ahem.
2003-02-17  Stelian PopRaised block size up to 1024 kB.
2003-02-12  Stelian PopFixed largefile seeks in rmt
2003-02-11  Stelian PopFixed restore to correctly access the archive file...
2003-02-11  Stelian PopFixed compare of dumped socket files by ignoring them.
2003-01-24  Stelian PopEnabled rmt, LFS, readline, QFA options by default...
2003-01-10  Stelian PopLargefile version of seek in rmt.
2002-11-28  Stelian PopFix endianess issues with compressed tapes.
2002-11-19  Stelian Pop'Set permission on the current directory ?' explanation.
2002-11-15  Stelian PopFix maps overflow in restore when doing incremental...
2002-07-29  Stelian PopFix rmtopen() extended format...
2002-07-24  Stelian PopMan pages rewrite.
2002-07-19  Stelian PopFixed a lot of warnings in the code thanks to 'gcc -W'
2002-06-25  Stelian PopFixed a problem when reading tapes written with ancient...
2002-06-08  Stelian PopAdded -o flag to restore.
2002-06-05  Stelian PopDocumented the -d option in restore.
2002-05-21  Stelian PopMake dump/restore use O_CREAT|O_TRUNC both locally...
2002-05-06  Stelian PopFix restore when inode maps are not entirely contained...
2002-04-04  Stelian Popdump -m implementation.
2002-03-28  Stelian PopMade restore able to understand extra TS_ADDR headers...
2002-02-25  Stelian PopMake restore compile with old versions of readline...
2002-02-04  Stelian PopReadline cleanups (warning compiles)
2002-02-04  Stelian PopOops, debug message...
2002-02-04  Stelian PopFrom Uwe Gohlke:
2002-01-31  Stelian PopSmall fix for reading broken Solaris ufsdump tapes.
2002-01-25  Stelian Popkill "register".
2002-01-25  Stelian Pop-A archive file implementation
2002-01-22  Stelian PopMade -Q option work on regular files.
2002-01-16  Stelian PopSmall warning fixes.
2002-01-16  Stelian PopAdded -a flag to restore (automatic walk through volumes)
2002-01-16  Stelian Popnoos -> popies.net
2002-01-11  Stelian PopAdded -L option to restore
2002-01-02  Stelian PopMakefile cleanups.
2001-12-24  Stelian PopAnother set of fixes for file not found at end of tape.
2001-12-24  Stelian PopFix errors when trying to restore files not found on...
2001-11-16  Stelian PopFixed the remote tape/file detection in restore.
2001-11-13  Stelian Popa debug message removed
2001-11-13  Stelian PopFixed restore -C -f -
2001-11-10  Stelian PopMinor manpages syntax corrections.
2001-09-12  Stelian PopAdded Helmut Jarausch patch for restoring from multiple...
2001-08-16  Stelian PopAdded bzip2 compression to dump.
2001-08-14  Stelian PopFixed restore to use the full volume path when doing...
2001-08-13  Stelian PopCleaned up the external variables definition mess...
2001-07-20  Stelian PopFixed the compressed multi-volume dump + restore.
2001-07-18  Stelian PopBug in getvol() when making a wrong answer to the ...
2001-07-18  Stelian PopSmall fix when _not_ using -F script
2001-07-18  Stelian PopQFA fixes.
2001-07-18  Stelian PopAdded -F script option to restore.
2001-07-18  Stelian PopDiscard newline when reading the tape path entered...
2001-06-18  Stelian PopCheck for the e2fsprogs header <ext2fs/ext2_fs.h> inste...
2001-05-26  Stelian PopSmall buffer overflow in restore/tape.c
2001-05-12  Stelian PopAnother set of compression patches from Jerry.
2001-04-27  Stelian PopLFS fixes (explicit use of open64/etc)
2001-04-27  Stelian PopCleanups.
2001-04-26  Stelian Poptypo
2001-04-26  Stelian PopCompression fixes for fixed block size tapes.
2001-04-26  Stelian PopNew config.guess and config.sub version, + minor cleanup.
2001-04-24  Stelian PopMore documentation on -Q use.
2001-04-24  Stelian PopCosmetic changes to QFA code / time.h headers.
2001-04-12  Stelian PopCleanups for new gcc/glibc.
2001-04-12  Stelian PopFixed a socket descriptor leak in dump.
2001-04-11  Stelian PopFixed dumping/restoring of files ending with holes.
2001-04-10  Stelian PopQFA support.
2001-04-06  Stelian PopGet the install paths from configure.
2001-03-27  Stelian PopFix for reading dumps having a size < ntrec * blocksize
2001-03-23  Stelian PopAnother set of cleanups from Andreas.
2001-03-20  Stelian Popcreat -> open