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2005-01-21  Stelian Popprepare for release 0.4b39 release_0_4b39
2005-01-14  Stelian PopForce restore -C to imply -N
2005-01-14  Stelian PopFix restore -C to handle correctly directories containi...
2005-01-14  Stelian PopSilenced the failure to call fgetflags() when comparing...
2005-01-13  Stelian Popchdir() back to the initial directory when abort()ing.
2005-01-13  Stelian PopUpdated buggy example.
2005-01-07  Stelian PopPrepare for 0.4b38 release. release_0_4b38
2005-01-07  Stelian PopAdded a new dump on cd/dvd script.
2004-12-15  Stelian PopBetter comparision (including directories).
2004-12-15  Stelian PopBe sure the di_size in a map header has the correct...
2004-12-14  Stelian PopHashlist implementation for directory entries in restore.
2004-12-14  Stelian PopFix the exclusion of directory entries of inodes from...
2004-12-10  Stelian PopFix a problem in restore where the final \0 in the...
2004-11-22  Stelian PopFix SIGSEGV in dump when dumping huge 2TB filesystems...
2004-11-22  Stelian PopExclude directory entries to non-dumped inodes from...
2004-08-16  Stelian PopFixed negative size displays in restore
2004-07-20  Stelian PopTest for libncurses, then libtermcap when --enable...
2004-07-13  Stelian PopTroff syntax fixes in the man pages.
2004-07-07  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b37
2004-07-07  Stelian PopDo not include kernel headers, use sys/mount.h for...
2004-07-05  Stelian PopA wrong line in /etc/fstab containing LABEL=... could...
2004-07-05  Stelian PopMade dump use blkid library.
2004-07-01  Stelian PopFixed an offset calculation leading to bread lseek...
2004-06-17  Stelian PopFix SIGSEGV when reading a hand-modified dumpdates...
2004-06-02  Stelian PopFix compilation on AMD64
2004-05-25  Stelian PopFix a couple of gcc 3.3.3 warnings.
2004-05-24  Stelian PopAdd --enable-staticz configure option.
2004-04-21  Stelian PopPrepare for dump 0.4b36 release. release_0_4b36
2004-04-21  Stelian PopFix some compile warnings.
2004-04-21  Stelian PopMake dump understand any integer as the dump level.
2004-04-13  Stelian PopMade restore understand FreeBSD UFS2 dumps.
2004-03-29  Stelian PopFixed LFS problems when restoring huge dumps (with...
2004-03-10  Stelian PopBack in the backed out block estimate patch. :)
2004-03-08  Stelian PopBack out the block estimate patch.
2004-03-08  Stelian PopFixed -F to be run even if -M/-f is in use.
2004-03-01  Stelian PopAnother try at fixing size estimate.
2004-03-01  Stelian PopFix '-B list of values' patch.
2004-02-18  Stelian PopMade explicit in the dump man page that dump will not...
2004-01-28  Stelian PopUse minor()/major() instead of "& 0xff" in order to...
2004-01-27  Stelian PopSmall prototype fix.
2004-01-27  Stelian PopMake -B accept a list of values.
2004-01-27  Stelian PopFixed restore of Solaris 7 ufsdump.
2004-01-27  Stelian PopFixed some compile warnings on Fedora (new glibc)
2004-01-04  Stelian PopFix compilation with old gcc versions.
2003-12-21  Stelian PopPrepare for 0.4b35 release. release_0_4b35
2003-11-22  Stelian PopSome corrections from Uwe Gohlke.
2003-10-26  Stelian PopSome little corrections.
2003-10-26  Stelian PopDarwin defs.
2003-10-26  Stelian PopFrom Uwe Gohlke:
2003-09-03  Stelian PopUpdated the autoconf system to 2.50. Forced the -D_BSD_...
2003-09-03  Stelian PopUpdate to autoconf 2.50
2003-06-11  Stelian PopExplain that restore -C could fail because of a overmou...
2003-05-12  Stelian PopUnlimited fast inode exclusion.
2003-05-08  Stelian PopMake configure understand CPPFLAGS=, CFLAGS=, LDFLAGS=...
2003-05-07  Stelian PopBlocksize default is 32 when using -d HIGHDENSITYTREC.
2003-04-18  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b34 release_0_4b34
2003-04-18  Stelian PopSmall patch for LZO functionality.
2003-04-10  Stelian PopCheck for openssl headers/libs when enabling ermt.
2003-04-10  Stelian PopFix dump -w|-W (/etc/mtab does have 0 0 as passno/freq)
2003-04-09  Stelian PopMade dump work with new Linux 2.5 EOT early warning...
2003-04-08  Stelian PopEncrypting rmt
2003-03-31  Stelian PopSecurity fixes from Antonomasia.
2003-03-31  Stelian PopAdded LZO compression.
2003-03-30  Stelian PopRelicensed dump/restore under the revised BSD license...
2003-03-26  Stelian PopLots of fixes from Philipe Troin:
2003-03-07  Stelian PopFixed dumping of dangling symlinks.
2003-03-06  Stelian PopStore dumpdates with timezone
2003-02-25  Stelian PopFixed labels exactly 16 bytes in length.
2003-02-17  Stelian PopFix the fix, ahem.
2003-02-17  Stelian PopRaised block size up to 1024 kB.
2003-02-12  Stelian PopFixed largefile seeks in rmt
2003-02-11  Stelian PopFixed restore to correctly access the archive file...
2003-02-11  Stelian PopFixed compare of dumped socket files by ignoring them.
2003-02-11  Stelian PopFixed the configure scripts to only check not build...
2003-02-11  Stelian PopFixed the paths in INSTALL
2003-02-10  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b33 release_0_4b33
2003-02-04  Stelian PopLook first into /etc/mtab, then into /etc/fstab.
2003-01-24  Stelian PopEnabled rmt, LFS, readline, QFA options by default...
2003-01-21  Stelian PopLet the user give the dumpdates path as an argument...
2003-01-10  Stelian PopAdd local EXT2_FT_* constants.
2003-01-10  Stelian PopLargefile version of seek in rmt.
2003-01-10  Stelian PopFixed 'tape blocks' -> 'blocks'
2003-01-10  Stelian PopMade dump accept -I 0 (unlimited read errors)
2002-12-12  Stelian PopLook also in /etc/mtab for filesystems...
2002-12-09  Stelian PopFixed the warn(ACL won't be dumped) message.
2002-11-28  Stelian PopFix endianess issues with compressed tapes.
2002-11-19  Stelian Pop'Set permission on the current directory ?' explanation.
2002-11-15  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b32. release_0_4b32
2002-11-15  Stelian PopEliminate unexistent prototype gcc warning.
2002-11-15  Stelian PopAdded inode 7 to exclude list -> Excluding inode 7...
2002-11-15  Stelian Popupdate download location.
2002-11-15  Stelian PopFix maps overflow in restore when doing incremental...
2002-11-12  Stelian PopCorrect the wording on the man page to make it clear...
2002-10-07  Stelian PopFixed a bug causing dump to stop and report an error...
2002-09-02  Stelian PopRaised the -b maximal value to 1024.
2002-09-02  Stelian PopFixed dump's estimate when dealing with sparse inodes.
2002-08-18  Stelian PopFixed 'undefined file type xxx' warnings in interactive...
2002-08-01  Stelian Popflock -> fcntl(F_SETLK).
2002-07-30  Stelian PopPrepare for 0.4b31 release. release_0_4b31
2002-07-30  Stelian PopPrepare for 0.4b31 release.