24 hours ago  Mike Frysingergitconfig: ignore cp msg main
24 hours ago  Mike Frysingerglinux-backups: more excludes
25 hours ago  Mike Frysingergitignore: add more
25 hours ago  Mike Frysingertmux: add basic config
25 hours ago  Mike Frysingerssh_config: update Gentoo systems
25 hours ago  Mike Frysingernanorc: update to newer version
25 hours ago  Mike Frysingermail: add bz2 & update docs
25 hours ago  Mike Frysingerupload-gentoo-package: fix upload path
2021-04-29  Mike Frysingerupload-gentoo-package: drop use of /space/distfiles...
2021-04-29  Mike Frysingergnu-mklog: update gcc path
2021-04-29  Mike Frysingergit-rb-catchup: handle running in non-git dirs better
2021-04-29  Mike Frysingergit-rb-all: add live debug support to fix checked out...
2021-03-31  Mike Frysingertest: add LFS settings
2021-03-28  Mike Frysingergit-rb-catchup: fix merge counts
2021-03-28  Mike Frysingergit-repack: rewrite with pathlib
2021-03-15  Mike Frysingergitconfig: update log/status
2021-03-08  Mike Frysingergit-rb-catchup: more cleanups
2021-03-08  Mike Frysingerpan2: update gmane settings
2021-03-08  Mike Frysingergitconfig: more settings
2021-03-08  Mike Frysingernanorc: update configs for newer versions
2021-03-06  Mike Frysingernanorc: update bindings
2021-03-05  Mike Frysingergnu-mklog: handle ^L whitespace chars
2021-03-05  Mike Frysingergit-rewrite-authors: silence rewrite warning+delay
2021-03-05  Mike Frysingerr: update repo forall docs
2021-03-05  Mike Frysingercros-repo: run init with -c for speedup
2021-02-21  Mike Frysingergit-rb-catchup: add option to automatically stop at...
2021-02-20  Mike Frysingergit-rb-all: handle more edge cases
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingergitignore: add more
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingerpws: add more tech terms
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingercrostini-vapier-setup: install more tools
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingergit-rb-all: fix update-ref usage with current HEAD...
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingergit-rb-all: handle empty trees & dirty trees better
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingerrepoconfig: enable worktree & add more helpers
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingergitconfig: add more commit helpers
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingerbackups: ignore go/ src
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingerupdate-vapier-nodejs: update master->HEAD
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingercros-repo: update master->main
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingergitconfig: new cif & dc helpers
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingerbin: improve rebase helpers
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingergnu-mklog: helper for GNU ChangeLogs
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingermutt: update configs
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingerpws: more words
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingernanorc: tweak comments
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingeraliases: update transmission tool
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingerutf8.sh: handle unset TERM
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingerscreenrc: unbind more shortcuts
2021-02-15  Mike Frysingerdelete cvs commit tooling
2021-01-23  Mike Frysingertest.py: use py3 by default
2021-01-13  Mike Frysingerbashrc: disable obsolete env settings
2021-01-11  Mike Frysingergentoo-check-services: handle samba
2021-01-11  Mike Frysingergpg-agent: revert log-file change
2021-01-11  Mike Frysingergoogle-wifi-he-dyn-dns: simple client for updating...
2021-01-11  Mike Frysingerinstallkernel: auto run grub-mkconfig on x86 systems
2020-12-28  Mike Frysingervunshare: avoid SIGUNUSED
2020-11-23  Mike Frysingercrostini-vapier-setup: more packages
2020-11-23  Mike Frysingertest: more headers
2020-11-23  Mike Frysingerdict: add more words
2020-11-23  Mike Frysingergitconfig: more settings
2020-11-10  Mike Frysingercros-board: use test image for VMs
2020-11-10  Mike Frysingerdict: add precompile
2020-11-10  Mike Frysingerdiff-highlight: handle newer git versions
2020-11-10  Mike Frysingercros-repo: minor improvements
2020-11-10  Mike Frysingergitignore: add more things
2020-11-10  Mike Frysingerssh_config: use better control path
2020-11-10  Mike Frysingergpg-agent: use full path to pinentry
2020-11-10  Mike Frysingerglinux: ignore copybara backups
2020-11-10  Mike Frysingerdict: add externs
2020-11-01  Mike Frysingeraspell: add more words
2020-10-26  Mike Frysingercrostini-vapier-setup: install edge
2020-10-16  Mike Frysingercrostini-vapier-setup: add more pkgs & fix install
2020-09-24  Mike Frysingercrostini-vapier-setup: add more packages & simplify...
2020-09-10  Mike Frysingergitconfig: set default branch to "main"
2020-08-25  Mike Frysingertest.py: import more stdlib modules
2020-08-15  Mike Frysingermpv: update settings
2020-08-15  Mike Frysingerddnuke: add fdisk+prompt to startup, and rough ETA
2020-06-12  Mike FrysingerPS1: shorten slightly & add PS0 recovery
2020-06-12  Mike Frysingertimezone: fix date alias when using it with args
2020-04-13  Mike Frysingerbashrc: increase history size
2020-04-05  Mike Frysingercrostini: add more packages
2020-04-05  Mike Frysingertest.py: more boilerplate updates
2020-04-05  Mike Frysingertimezone: format default date output nicer
2020-04-05  Mike Frysingergoogle: add copybara alias
2020-04-05  Mike Frysingergnupg: always use pinentry-curses
2020-04-05  Mike Frysingergitconfig: increase merge log
2020-03-20  Mike Frysingercrostini: install nano too
2020-03-15  Mike Frysingeradd more words
2020-03-12  Mike Frysingergdbinit: split up & migrate some to python
2020-03-09  Mike Frysingercrostini-vapier-setup: add more packages
2020-03-04  Mike Frysingercrostini-vapier-setup: update for buster
2020-03-04  Mike Frysingercrostini-vapier-setup: helper for setting up new installs
2020-03-04  Mike Frysingerbashrc: add ~/cargo/.bin to $PATH
2020-02-23  Mike Frysingerrepoconfig: run abandon quietly
2020-02-23  Mike Frysingerr: call rb-all directly to avoid double expansion
2020-02-23  Mike Frysingergit-rb-all: support worktrees better
2020-02-20  Mike Frysingeraliases: add more tv shortcuts
2020-02-20  Mike Frysingermail: update list-id filters
2020-02-20  Mike Frysingermail: drop WPI as latest mutt no likely
2020-02-20  Mike Frysingergetmail: pass through CLI flags
2020-02-20  Mike Frysingerbashrc: add ~/.local/bin if it exists
2020-02-20  Mike Frysingergpg.conf: switch to sks servers