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last changeMon, 27 Sep 2021 19:15:26 +0000 (15:15 -0400)
24 hours ago  Mike Frysingergitconfig: ignore cp msg main
24 hours ago  Mike Frysingerglinux-backups: more excludes
25 hours ago  Mike Frysingergitignore: add more
25 hours ago  Mike Frysingertmux: add basic config
25 hours ago  Mike Frysingerssh_config: update Gentoo systems
25 hours ago  Mike Frysingernanorc: update to newer version
25 hours ago  Mike Frysingermail: add bz2 & update docs
25 hours ago  Mike Frysingerupload-gentoo-package: fix upload path
2021-04-29  Mike Frysingerupload-gentoo-package: drop use of /space/distfiles...
2021-04-29  Mike Frysingergnu-mklog: update gcc path
2021-04-29  Mike Frysingergit-rb-catchup: handle running in non-git dirs better
2021-04-29  Mike Frysingergit-rb-all: add live debug support to fix checked out...
2021-03-31  Mike Frysingertest: add LFS settings
2021-03-28  Mike Frysingergit-rb-catchup: fix merge counts
2021-03-28  Mike Frysingergit-repack: rewrite with pathlib
2021-03-15  Mike Frysingergitconfig: update log/status
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