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4 GNU Nano Development Team
5 nano@nano-editor.org
6 http://www.nano-editor.org
8 GNU Nano 1.0 Released
10 ALBANY, NY - March 22, 2001 - The GNU nano development team
11 today released version 1.0 of their flagship (and only) product, the
12 GNU nano text editor. GNU nano brings a friendly and intuitive editing
13 environment to users of Unix(1)-like operating systems.
14 "We have worked very hard to provide a solid and easy to use
15 editor for both the casual and power user. With version 1.0, users
16 can expect a completely bug free and emotionally fulfilling text editing
17 experience (2)," blurts Chris Allegretta, program maintainer. "GNU nano
18 follows in the software industry's rich tradition of 'point-zero' releases
19 which contain absolutely no bugs whatsoever."
20 GNU nano has won the highly coveted "Best Pico clone whose name
21 begins with 'n' and ends with 'o'" award two years in a row. More
22 fictional awards are expected to be awarded soon.
23 The GNU nano development team is located throughout the United
24 States, Canada and Europe. For more information, please visit their web
25 site at http://www.nano-editor.org or email nano@nano-editor.org. The
26 GNU Project pages are located at http://www.gnu.org.
29 (1) UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other
30 countries licensed exclusively through The Open Group.
32 (2) Actual stability and emotional state experienced may vary.