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18 2021 June 15 - <b>GNU nano 5.8</b> "Why is it necessary to be special?"
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20 <table><tr><td><ul>
21 <li>After a search, the spotlighting is dropped after 1.5 seconds (0.8<br>
22 seconds with <tt>--quick</tt>) to avoid the idea that the text is selected.</li>
23 <li>A <tt>+</tt> and a space before a filename on the command line will put<br>
24 the cursor at the end of the corresponding buffer.</li>
25 <li>Linter messages no longer include filename and line/column numbers.</li>
26 <li>Color name "grey" or "gray" can be used instead of "lightblack".</li>
27 <li>The color of the minibar can be chosen with 'set minicolor'.</li>
28 </ul></td></tr></table>
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31 2021 April 29 - <b>GNU nano 5.7</b> "To&#x21B;i ceilal&#x21B;i arau c&acirc;mpurile"
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33 <table><tr><td><ul>
34 <li>The output of <tt>--constantshow</tt> (without <tt>--minibar</tt>) is more stable.</li>
35 <li>When opening multiple buffers and there is an error message, this<br>
36 message is shown again upon first switch to the relevant buffer.</li>
37 <li>The position and size of the indicator now follow actual lines,<br>
38 instead of visual lines when in softwrap mode, meaning that the<br>
39 size of the indicator can change when scrolling in softwrap mode.</li>
40 </ul></td></tr></table>
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43 2021 March 3 - <b>GNU nano 5.6.1</b> "Geelgors"
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45 <table><tr><td><ul>
46 <li>Search matches are properly colorized in softwrap mode too.</li>
47 <li>Option 'highlightcolor' has been renamed to 'spotlightcolor'.</li>
48 </ul></td></tr></table>
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51 2021 February 24 - <b>GNU nano 5.6</b> "Wielewaal"
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53 <table><tr><td><ul>
54 <li>A search match gets highlighted (in black on yellow by default),<br>
55 in addition to placing the cursor at the start of the match.<br>
56 The color combination can be changed with 'set highlightcolor'.<br>
57 By default the cursor is hidden until the next keystroke, but<br>
58 it can be forced on with <tt>--showcursor</tt> / 'set showcursor'.</li>
59 <li>Option <tt>--markmatch</tt> / 'set markmatch' has been removed.</li>
60 <li>Cursor position and character code are displayed in the minibar<br>
61 only when option <tt>--constantshow</tt> / 'set constantshow' is used,<br>
62 and their display can be toggled with <tt>M-C</tt>.</li>
63 <li>The state flags are displayed in the minibar only when option<br>
64 <tt>--stateflags</tt> / 'set stateflags' is used.</li>
65 </ul></td></tr></table>
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68 2021 January 14 - <b>GNU nano 5.5</b> "Rebecca"
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70 <table><tr><td><ul>
71 <li>Option 'set minibar' makes nano suppress the title bar and instead<br>
72 show a bar with basic editing information at the bottom: file name<br>
73 (plus an asterisk when the buffer is modified), the cursor position<br>
74 (line,column), the character under the cursor (U+xxxx), the flags<br>
75 that <tt>--stateflags</tt> normally shows, plus the percentage of the buffer<br>
76 that is above the cursor.</li>
77 <li>With 'set promptcolor' the color combination of the prompt bar can<br>
78 be changed, to allow contrasting it with the mini bar (which always<br>
79 has the same color as the title bar).</li>
80 <li>Option 'set markmatch' highlights the result of a successful search<br>
81 by putting the mark at the end of the match, making the match more<br>
82 visible. It also suppresses the cursor until the next keystroke.<br>
83 (If you dislike the hiding of the cursor, use 'set showcursor'.)</li>
84 <li>The bindable toggle 'nowrap' has been renamed to 'breaklonglines',<br>
85 to match the corresponding option, like for all other toggles.</li>
86 <li>Support for Slang has been removed.</li>
87 </ul></td></tr></table>
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90 2020 December 2 - <b>GNU nano 5.4</b> "Terre des hommes"
91 <br>
92 <table><tr><td><ul>
93 <li>Moving the cursor now skips over combining characters (and<br>
94 other zero-width characters). Deleting a character deletes<br>
95 also any succeeding zero-width characters, but backspacing<br>
96 deletes just one character at a time.</li>
97 </ul></td></tr></table>
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100 2020 October 7 - <b>GNU nano 5.3</b> "Revolution!"
101 <br>
102 <table><tr><td><ul>
103 <li>Option 'set stateflags' makes nano show the state of auto-indenting,<br>
104 the mark, hard-wrapping, macro recording, and soft-wrapping in the<br>
105 title bar. The flags take the place of "Modified", and a modified<br>
106 buffer is instead indicated by an asterisk (*) after its name.</li>
107 <li>Nano no longer by default tries using libmagic to determine the type<br>
108 of a file (when neither filename nor first line gave a clue), because<br>
109 in most cases it is a waste of time. It requires using the option<br>
110 <tt>--magic</tt> or <tt>-!</tt> or 'set magic' to make nano try libmagic.</li>
111 <li>The color of the indicator can be changed with 'set scrollercolor'.</li>
112 </ul></td></tr></table>
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115 2020 August 24 - <b>GNU nano 5.2</b> "Ranrapalca"
116 <br>
117 <table><tr><td><ul>
118 <li>Making certain replacements after a large paste does not crash.</li>
119 <li>Hitting a toggle at the Search prompt does not clear the answer.</li>
120 <li>Using <tt>--positionlog</tt> does not complain at the first start.</li>
121 <li>A macro containing a Search command will not sometimes fail.</li>
122 </ul></td></tr></table>
123 <br><br>
125 2020 August 12 - <b>GNU nano 5.1</b> "Cantabria"
126 <br>
127 <table><tr><td><ul>
128 <li><tt>M-Bsp</tt> (Alt+Backspace) deletes a word backwards, like in Bash.</li>
129 <li><tt>M-[</tt> has become bindable. (Be careful, though: as it is the<br>
130 starting combination of many escape sequences, avoid gluing<br>
131 it together with other keystrokes, like in a macro.)</li>
132 <li>With <tt>--indicator</tt> and <tt>--softwrap</tt>, the first keystroke in an<br>
133 empty buffer does not crash.</li>
134 <li>Invoking the formatter while text is marked does not crash.</li>
135 <li>In UTF-8 locales, an anchor is shown as a diamond.</li>
136 </ul></td></tr></table>
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139 2020 July 29 - <b>GNU nano 5.0</b> "Among the fields of barley"
140 <br>
141 <table><tr><td><ul>
142 <li>With <tt>--indicator</tt> (or <tt>-q</tt> or 'set indicator') nano will show a kind<br>
143 of scrollbar on the righthand side of the screen to indicate where<br>
144 in the buffer the viewport is located and how much it covers.</li>
145 <li>With &lt;Alt+Insert&gt; any line can be "tagged" with an anchor, and<br>
146 &lt;Alt+PageUp&gt; and &lt;Alt+PageDown&gt; will jump to the nearest anchor.<br>
147 When using line numbers, an anchor is shown as "+" in the margin.</li>
148 <li>The Execute Command prompt is now directly accessible from the<br>
149 main menu (with <tt>^T</tt>, replacing the Spell Checker). The Linter,<br>
150 Formatter, Spell Checker, Full Justification, Suspension, and<br>
151 Cut-Till-End functions are available in this menu too.</li>
152 <li>On terminals that support at least 256 colors, nine new color<br>
153 names are available: pink, purple, mauve, lagoon, mint, lime,<br>
154 peach, orange, and latte. These do not have lighter versions.</li>
155 <li>For the color names red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta,<br>
156 white, and black, the prefix 'light' gives a brighter color.<br>
157 Prefix 'bright' is deprecated, as it means both bold AND light.</li>
158 <li>All color names can be preceded with "bold," and/or "italic,"<br>
159 (in that order) to get a bold and/or italic typeface.</li>
160 <li>With <tt>--bookstyle</tt> (or <tt>-O</tt> or 'set bookstyle') nano considers any<br>
161 line that begins with whitespace as the start of a paragraph.</li>
162 <li>Refreshing the screen with <tt>^L</tt> now works in every menu.</li>
163 <li>In the main menu, <tt>^L</tt> also centers the line with the cursor.</li>
164 <li>Toggling the help lines with <tt>M-X</tt> now works in all menus except<br>
165 in the help viewer and the linter.</li>
166 <li>At a filename prompt, the first &lt;Tab&gt; lists the possibilities,<br>
167 and these are listed near the bottom instead of near the top.</li>
168 <li>Bindable function 'curpos' has been renamed to 'location'.</li>
169 <li>Long option <tt>--tempfile</tt> has been renamed to <tt>--saveonexit</tt>.</li>
170 <li>Short option <tt>-S</tt> is now a synonym of <tt>--softwrap</tt>.</li>
171 <li>The New Buffer toggle (<tt>M-F</tt>) has become non-persistent. Options<br>
172 <tt>--multibuffer</tt> and 'set multibuffer' still make it default to on.</li>
173 <li>Backup files will retain their group ownership (when possible).</li>
174 <li>Data is synced to disk before "... lines written" is shown.</li>
175 <li>The raw escape sequences for <tt>F13</tt> to <tt>F16</tt> are no longer recognized.</li>
176 <li>Distro-specific syntaxes, and syntaxes of less common languages,<br>
177 have been moved down to subdirectory syntax/extra/. The affected<br>
178 distros and others may wish to move wanted syntaxes one level up.</li>
179 <li>Syntaxes for Markdown, Haskell, and Ada were added.</li>
180 </ul></td></tr></table>
181 <br><br>
183 2020 May 23 - <b>GNU nano 4.9.3</b> "Almendras"
184 <br><br>
185 <table><tr><td>
186 One more bug introduced in version 4.9 is fixed: a crash when<br>
187 the terminal screen is resized while at a lock-file prompt.
188 </td></tr></table>
189 <br><br>
191 2020 April 7 - <b>GNU nano 4.9.2</b> "Mali Lo&scaron;inj"
192 <br><br>
193 <table><tr><td>
194 Another bug introduced in version 4.9 is fixed: a likely crash<br>
195 after undoing an &lt;Enter&gt; at the end of leading whitespace.
196 </td></tr></table>
197 <br><br>
199 2020 March 31 - <b>GNU nano 4.9.1</b> "Sapperdeflap"
200 <br><br>
201 <table><tr><td>
202 Two bugs introduced in version 4.9 are fixed: the cursor<br>
203 getting misplaced when undoing line cuts, and filtering<br>
204 of the whole buffer to a new buffer not working.
205 </td></tr></table>
206 <br><br>
208 2020 March 24 - <b>GNU nano 4.9</b> "die fetten Jahre sind vorbei"
209 <br>
210 <table><tr><td><ul>
211 <li>When justifying a selection, the new paragraph and the<br>
212 succeeding one get the appropriate first-line indent.</li>
213 <li>Trying to justify an empty selection does not crash.</li>
214 <li>Redoing the insertion of an empty file does not crash.</li>
215 <li>On the BSDs and macOS, <tt>^H</tt> has become rebindable again<br>
216 (in most terminal emulators, not on the console).</li>
217 <li>DOS line endings in nanorc files are accepted.</li>
218 <li>Option <tt>--suspend</tt> / 'set suspend' has been renamed to<br>
219 the more logical <tt>--suspendable</tt> / 'set suspendable'.</li>
220 </ul></td></tr></table>
221 <br><br>
223 2020 February 7 - <b>GNU nano 4.8</b> "Ja&scaron;ka"
224 <br>
225 <table><tr><td><ul>
226 <li>When something is pasted into nano, auto-indentation is suppressed,<br>
227 and the paste can be undone as a whole with a single <tt>M-U</tt>.</li>
228 <li>When a lock file is encountered during startup, pressing <tt>^C</tt>/Cancel<br>
229 quits nano. (Pressing 'No' just skips the file and continues.)</li>
230 <li>Shift+Meta+letter key combos can be bound with 'bind Sh-M-letter'.<br>
231 Making any such binding dismisses the default behavior of ignoring<br>
232 Shift for all Meta+letter keystrokes.</li>
233 <li>The configuration option <tt>--with-slang</tt> (to be avoided when possible)<br>
234 can now be used only together with <tt>--enable-tiny</tt>.</li>
235 <li>A custom nanorc file can be specified on the command line, with<br>
236 <tt>-f filename</tt> or <tt>--rcfile=filename</tt>.</li>
237 </ul></td></tr></table>
238 <br><br>
240 2019 December 23 - <b>GNU nano 4.7</b> "Havikskruid"
241 <br>
242 <table><tr><td><ul>
243 <li>A &lt;Tab&gt; will indent a marked region only when mark and cursor are<br>
244 on different lines.</li>
245 <li>Two indentations (any mix of tabs and spaces) are considered the<br>
246 same when they look the same (that is: indent to the same level).</li>
247 <li>When using <tt>--breaklonglines</tt> or <tt>^J</tt>, a line will never be broken in<br>
248 its leading whitespace or quoting.</li>
249 <li>The keywords in nanorc files must be in lowercase.</li>
250 </ul></td></tr></table>
251 <br><br>
253 2019 November 29 - <b>GNU nano 4.6</b> "And don't you eat that yellow snow"
254 <br>
255 <table><tr><td><ul>
256 <li>The 'formatter' command has returned, bound by default to <tt>M-F</tt>.<br>
257 It allows running a syntax-specific command on the contents of<br>
258 the buffer.</li>
259 <li><tt>^T</tt> will try to run 'hunspell' before 'spell', because it checks<br>
260 spellling for the locale's language and understands UTF-8.</li>
261 <li>Multiple errors or warnings on startup will no longer slow nano<br>
262 down but will be indicated on the status bar with trailing dots.</li>
263 </ul></td></tr></table>
264 <br><br>
266 2019 October 4 - <b>GNU nano 4.5</b> "Ko&scaron;ice"
267 <br>
268 <table><tr><td><ul>
269 <li>The new 'tabgives' command allows you to specify per syntax what<br>
270 the &lt;Tab&gt; key should produce: some spaces, a hard TAB, ...</li>
271 <li>The output of <tt>--help</tt> is properly aligned again for all languages.</li>
272 <li>&lt;Tab&gt; will indent a marked region also when <tt>M-}</tt> has been rebound.</li>
273 </ul></td></tr></table>
274 <br><br>
276 2019 August 25 - <b>GNU nano 4.4</b> "Hagelslag"
277 <br>
278 <table><tr><td><ul>
279 <li>At startup, the cursor can be put on the first or last occurrence<br>
280 of a string by preceding the filename with <tt>+/string</tt> or <tt>+?string</tt>.</li>
281 <li>When automatic hard-wrapping occurs (<tt>--breaklonglines</tt>), any leading<br>
282 quoting characters will be automatically copied to the new line.</li>
283 <li><tt>M-6</tt> works again also when the cursor is at end of buffer.</li>
284 </ul></td></tr></table>
285 <br><br>
287 2019 June 18 - <b>GNU nano 4.3</b> "Musa Kart"
288 <br>
289 <table><tr><td><ul>
290 <li>The ability to read from and write to a FIFO has been regained.</li>
291 <li>Opening a file no longer triggers an inotify CLOSE_WRITE event.</li>
292 <li>Startup time is reduced by fully parsing a syntax only when needed.</li>
293 <li>Asking for help (<tt>^G</tt>) when using <tt>--operatingdir</tt> does not crash.</li>
294 <li>The reading of a huge or slow file can be stopped with <tt>^C</tt>.</li>
295 <li>Cut, zap, and copy operations are undone separately when intermixed.</li>
296 <li><tt>M-D</tt> reports the correct number of lines (zero for an empty buffer).</li>
297 </ul></td></tr></table>
298 <br><br>
300 2019 April 24 - <b>GNU nano 4.2</b> "Tax the rich, pay the teachers"
301 <br>
302 <table><tr><td><ul>
303 <li>The integrated spell checker does not crash when 'spell' is missing.</li>
304 <li>Option <tt>--breaklonglines</tt> works also when <tt>--ignorercfiles</tt> is used.</li>
305 <li>Automatic hard-wrapping is more persistent in pushing words to the<br>
306 same overflow line.</li>
307 </ul></td></tr></table>
308 <br><br>
310 2019 April 15 - <b>GNU nano 4.1</b> "Qu&eacute; corchos ser&aacute; eso?"
311 <br>
312 <table><tr><td><ul>
313 <li>By default, a newline character is again automatically added at the<br>
314 end of a buffer, to produce valid POSIX text files by default, but<br>
315 also to get back the easy adding of text at the bottom.</li>
316 <li>The now unneeded option <tt>--finalnewline</tt> (<tt>-f</tt>) has been removed.</li>
317 <li>Syntax files are read in alphabetical order when globbing, so that<br>
318 the precedence of syntaxes becomes predictable.</li>
319 <li>In the C syntax, preprocessor directives are highlighted differently.</li>
320 <li><tt>M-S</tt> now toggles soft wrapping, and <tt>M-N</tt> toggles line numbers.</li>
321 <li>The jumpy-scrolling toggle has been removed.</li>
322 <li>The legacy keystrokes <tt>^W^Y</tt> and <tt>^W^V</tt> are recognized again.</li>
323 <li>Executing an external command is disallowed when in view mode.</li>
324 <li>Problems with resizing during external or speller commands were fixed.</li>
325 </ul></td></tr></table>
326 <br><br>
328 2019 March 24 - <b>GNU nano 4.0</b> "Thy Rope of Sands"
329 <br>
330 <table><tr><td><ul>
331 <li>An overlong line is no longer automatically hard-wrapped.</li>
332 <li>Smooth scrolling (one line at a time) has become the default.</li>
333 <li>A newline character is no longer automatically added at end of buffer.</li>
334 <li>The line below the title bar is by default part of the editing space.</li>
335 <li>Option <tt>--breaklonglines</tt> (<tt>-b</tt>) turns automatic hard-wrapping back on.</li>
336 <li>Option <tt>--jumpyscrolling</tt> (<tt>-j</tt>) gives the chunky, half-screen scrolling.</li>
337 <li>Option <tt>--finalnewline</tt> (<tt>-f</tt>) brings back the automatic newline at EOF.</li>
338 <li>Option <tt>--emptyline</tt> (<tt>-e</tt>) leaves the line below the title bar unused.</li>
339 <li>&lt;Alt+Up&gt; and &lt;Alt+Down&gt; now do a linewise scroll instead of a findnext.</li>
340 <li>Any number of justifications can be undone (like all other operations).</li>
341 <li>When marked text is justified, it becomes a single, separate paragraph.</li>
342 <li>Option <tt>--guidestripe=&lt;number&gt;</tt> draws a vertical bar at the given column.</li>
343 <li>Option <tt>--fill=&lt;number&gt;</tt> no longer turns on automatic hard-wrapping.</li>
344 <li>When a line continues offscreen, it now ends with a highlighted "&gt;".</li>
345 <li>The halves of a split two-column character are shown as "[" and "]".</li>
346 <li>A line now scrolls horizontally one column earlier.</li>
347 <li>The bindable functions 'cutwordleft' and 'cutwordright' were renamed<br>
348 to 'chopwordleft' and 'chopwordright' as they don't use the cutbuffer.</li>
349 <li>The paragraph-jumping functions were moved from Search to Go-to-Line.</li>
350 <li>Option <tt>--rebinddelete</tt> is able to compensate for more misbindings.</li>
351 <li>Options <tt>--morespace</tt> and <tt>--smooth</tt> are obsolete and thus ignored.</li>
352 <li>The <tt>--disable-wrapping-as-root</tt> configure option was removed.</li>
353 </ul></td></tr></table>
354 <br>
356 <pre>
358 2018 November 11
360 GNU nano 3.2 "Het kromme hout" changes the default binding
361 for the linter to M-B so that the spell checker (^T) can
362 always be used, and changes (when linting) the text in the
363 title bar and the color of the status bar to make linting
364 mode more obvious. It also adds a bindable 'zap' function
365 for deleting a line or marked region without changing the
366 cutbuffer, adds --zap to bind the &lt;Del&gt; and &lt;Backspace&gt;
367 keys to the zap function when something is marked, and
368 hard-binds &lt;Alt+Del&gt; to 'zap'. Furthermore, it shows the
369 cursor also in the help viewer (when --showcursor is used),
370 renames the bindable functions 'prevhistory' to 'older' and
371 'nexthistory' to 'newer' (update your nanorcs when needed),
372 reads the nanorc files also in restricted mode to allow
373 customization by the user (if this should not be allowed,
374 use --ignorercfiles in addition to --restricted), allows
375 in view mode to open also other files (if this should not
376 be allowed, use --restricted in addition to --view), makes
377 resizes respect a relative --fill again, no longer binds
378 F13...F15 by default, properly re-highlights a misspelled
379 word after invoking help in the internal spell checker,
380 and does not skip Unicode characters in string binds.
384 2018 September 18
386 GNU nano 3.1 "Je faisais des bonds comme &ccedil;a!" fixes a
387 misbinding of ^H on some terminals and some systems,
388 does not leave stray stuff after the prompt upon exit
389 when having suspended nano while using --constantshow,
390 and does not allow to toggle to Replace in view mode.
394 2018 September 9
396 GNU nano 3.0 "Water Flowing Underground" speeds up the
397 reading of a file by seventy percent, roughly doubles the
398 speed of handling ASCII text, changes the way words at line
399 boundaries are deleted, makes &lt;Ctrl+Delete&gt; wipe the next
400 word and &lt;Ctrl+Shift+Delete&gt; the preceding word, binds M-Q
401 to 'findprevious' by default (the Tabs-to-Spaces toggle is
402 placed on M-O, and the More-Space toggle is fully removed),
403 makes an external spell check undoable, shows the correct
404 number of lines on the status bar when opening multiple
405 files, removes the 'formatter' command, removes the
406 'searchagain' bindable function (M-W is now bound to
407 'findnext' by default), moves the No-Convert toggle to the
408 Insert menu, removes the Backup and New-Buffer toggles from
409 the main menu (they remain in the Write-Out and Insert
410 menus, respectively), is more precise in what it accepts as
411 a rebindable key name, ignores any presses of &lt;Esc&gt; before
412 a valid command keystroke, recognizes some more escape
413 sequences for modified editing-pad keys, does not hide
414 rcfile error messages on a Linux console, renames the
415 bindable functions 'copytext' to 'copy' and 'uncut' to
416 'paste', and avoids a possible hang during a Full-Justify.
420 2018 June 2
422 GNU nano 2.9.8 "Espresso" brings the ability to filter the
423 buffer (or the marked region) through an external command
424 (^R^X and prefix the command with the pipe symbol, "|"), is
425 better at detecting and maintaining paragraphs, is able to
426 justify //-style comments, fixes a crash when the binding
427 of a key to a string lacks a closing quote, gives feedback
428 about the number of lines written also when prepending or
429 appending, and fixes a couple of bugs with the linter.
433 2018 May 15
435 GNU nano 2.9.7 "Hvide Sande" adds the option '--afterends'
436 for making Ctrl+Right (the nextword function) stop at word
437 ends instead of beginnings, accepts multibyte letters for
438 the Yes/No/All answers, does emergency saves of changed
439 buffers in the unlikely event that nano crashes, adds the
440 until-now missing bindable function 'linenumbers', and
441 renames the toggles 'constupdate' to 'constantshow' and
442 'cuttoend' to 'cutfromcursor', for consistency with the
443 corresponding options -- adjust your nanorc files soon.
447 2018 April 27
449 GNU nano 2.9.6 "Gomance" fixes a crash in word completion,
450 makes --enable-altrcname work again, improves the fluidity
451 of scrolling when using the touchpad, tweaks the syntaxes
452 for shell scripts and PO files, makes a replacing session
453 go always forward by default, no longer inserts a newline
454 after an external spell check of a selected region, always
455 accepts the English Y and N (and A) at a yes-no prompt in
456 any locale, and solves a few hypothetical bugs.
460 2018 March 29
462 GNU nano 2.9.5 "Ki&scaron;a pada" changes the way the Scroll-Up
463 and Scroll-Down commands work (M-- and M-+): instead of
464 keeping the cursor in the same screen position they now
465 keep the cursor in the same text position (if possible).
466 This version further adds a new color name, "normal",
467 which gives the default foreground or background color,
468 which is useful when you want to undo some overzealous
469 painting by earlier syntax regexes. Bug fixes include:
470 a segfault when trying to insert a file in restricted
471 mode, the reading in of a new file being "undoable", a
472 slight miswrapping of help texts when --linenumbers was
473 used, and the shell syntax coloring the word "tar" in
474 file names.
478 2018 March 8
480 GNU nano 2.9.4 "Isabel" allows binding a key to a string
481 (any piece of text and/or commands), permits customizing
482 the color of error messages with 'set errorcolor', colors
483 those error messages by default in bright white on red,
484 makes &lt;Enter&gt; at the bottom of the screen scroll just one
485 row when --smooth is used, does not fail when redoing a
486 file insertion, and cancels a Shift-selection when any
487 cursor key is pressed without Shift even when the cursor
488 cannot move. Further, it treats tabs fully the same as
489 spaces when doing automatic hard-wrapping, allows syntax
490 names to be unquoted, and removes two deprecated options
491 and six deprecated bindable function names.
495 2018 January 29
497 GNU nano 2.9.3 "C&oacute;rdoba" fixes a segfault with trimblanks
498 that could occur when a typed space caused the word after
499 it to be pushed to the next line. It further makes macros
500 work also when your keyboard still emits escape sequences,
501 adds the options -M and --trimblanks for the command line,
502 recognizes key combos with Shift on a few more terminals,
503 no longer shows dots in certain prompt texts when visible
504 whitespace is turned on, fixes two corner cases when doing
505 replacements in a marked region, allows to open a named
506 pipe again when using --noread, and accurately detects
507 a needed color change when a line contains a start match
508 but not a corresponding end match any more. Plus some
509 other small fry.
513 2018 January 2
515 GNU nano 2.9.2 "Pussy Riot" correctly displays the Modified
516 state when undoing/redoing (also when the file was saved
517 somewhere midway), improves the undoing of an automatic
518 linefeed at EOF, fixes a build issue on the BSDs, shows
519 the cursor again when compiled with --withslang, renames
520 the option 'justifytrim' to 'trimblanks' because it will
521 now snip trailing whitespace also while you are typing
522 (and hard-wrapping is enabled), continues pushing words
523 to the next line much longer (when hard-wrapping), makes
524 &lt;Tab&gt; and &lt;Shift+Tab&gt; indent and unindent a marked region,
525 allows unindenting when not all lines are indented, lets a
526 region marked with Shift persist when indenting/unindenting
527 or commenting/uncommenting it, and in those cases excludes
528 the last line of the region when it is not visibly marked
529 (which makes for a more intuitive behavior).
533 2017 November 27
535 GNU nano 2.9.1 "Damyatta" fixes a bug where, when the mark
536 is on, ^S would overwrite the file with just the marked
537 region. This release further clears the "Modified" flag
538 when all edits are undone, adds or updates some magic
539 strings, and does not forget when the cursor was last
540 at line 1, column 1.
544 2017 November 18
546 GNU nano 2.9.0 "Eta" introduces the ability to record and
547 replay keystrokes (M-: to start and stop recording, M-;
548 to play the macro back), makes ^Q and ^S do something
549 useful by default (^Q starts a backward search, and ^S
550 saves the current file), changes ^W to start always a
551 forward search, shows the number of open buffers (when
552 more than one) in the title bar, no longer asks to press
553 Enter when there are errors in an rc file, retires the
554 options '--quiet' and 'set quiet' and 'set backwards',
555 makes indenting and unindenting undoable, will look in
556 $XDG_CONFIG_HOME for a nanorc file and in $XDG_DATA_HOME
557 for the history files, adds a history stack for executed
558 commands (^R^X), does not overwrite the position-history
559 file of another nano, and fixes a score of tiny bugs.
563 2017 August 27
565 GNU nano 2.8.7 "Fragrance" fixes a lockup when tabs are
566 wider than the screen, makes indenting + unindenting
567 more predictable by retaining relative indentations,
568 allows pasting (^U) at a prompt, allows triple quotes
569 in Python to not be followed by a character, does not
570 scroll three pages on a roll of the mouse wheel, binds
571 Alt+Up and Alt+Down to findprevious and findnext, and
572 fixes some hard-to-describe issues with softwrapping
573 and boundary-crossing tabs. Enjoy.
577 2017 July 21
579 GNU nano 2.8.6 "Kekul&eacute;" offers a new feature: the ability
580 to do softwrapping between words -- at whitespace --
581 instead of always at the edge of the screen. This can
582 be activated with -a or --atblanks or 'set atblanks'
583 together with the softwrap option. This release further
584 fixes a handful of rare display glitches, fixes a build
585 failure on AIX, harmonizes the quoting rules in the rc
586 files, and renames the option 'cut' to 'cutfromcursor'
587 (please update your nanorc files before 2020).
591 2017 June 25
593 GNU nano 2.8.5 "Farouche" avoids a crash when waking from
594 a suspension that was induced from the outside, allows
595 negative line and column numbers on the command line,
596 avoids some flickering when resizing the screen while
597 in the file browser, opens files in the order they were
598 mentioned on the command line, and does not pretend to
599 have woken from suspension when receiving a SIGCONT.
603 2017 May 21
605 GNU nano 2.8.4 "Our Version of Events" includes the nanorc
606 man page again.
610 2017 May 18
612 GNU nano 2.8.3 "Hirsch" fixes a misplacement of the spotlight
613 during interactive replacing, avoids build failures on AIX
614 and Solaris, fixes a crash on Solaris, speeds up backwards
615 searching, improves PHP syntax highlighting, and no longer
616 asks "save anyway?" when the user ^Q discards the buffer.
620 2017 May 4
622 GNU nano 2.8.2 "Krats" adds another new feature: it makes
623 the ^G help texts searchable with ^W. Apart from that,
624 it fixes a crash when resizing the window in the middle
625 of verbatim input, avoids an unlikely crash when used
626 without UTF-8 support in some locales, avoids redrawing
627 the screen twice when switching between buffers while
628 line numbers are active, and works around a coloring
629 bug on musl. Plus tweaks to the documentation; plus
630 translation updates for fifteen languages.
634 2017 April 12
636 GNU nano 2.8.1 "Ellert" fixes build failures on MacOS and
637 on musl, fixes scrolling problems in softwrap mode when
638 double-width characters on row boundaries are involved,
639 shows double-width characters as "&gt;" and "&lt;" when split
640 across two rows, moves the cursor more predictably (at
641 the cost of sometimes putting it on the second "half"
642 of a character), avoids creating lines that consist of
643 only blanks when using autoindent, makes ^Home and ^End
644 go to the start and end of the file (on terminals that
645 support those keystrokes), places the cursor better when
646 linting, lets the linter ask only once whether to open
647 an included file, and adds bindings for ^Up and ^Down
648 in the file browser. Don't sit on your hands.
652 2017 March 31
654 GNU nano 2.8.0 "Axat" makes it easier to move around in
655 softwrapped lines: the Up and Down keys now step from
656 visual row to visual row instead of jumping between
657 logical lines, and the Home and End keys now move to
658 the start and end of a row, and only when already
659 there, then to the start and end of the logical line.
660 Furthermore, the screen can now scroll per row instead
661 of always per logical line. On an entirely different
662 front: nano now makes use of gnulib, to make it build
663 on more platforms. In short: there were many internal
664 changes, not many user-visible ones (apart form the
665 new softwrap navigation). The conversion to gnulib
666 was done by Mike Frysinger, the softwrap overhaul by
667 David Ramsey.
671 2017 February 23
673 GNU nano 2.7.5 "Nijntje" can properly search and replace
674 the \B and \b regex anchors, correctly repaints things
675 when multiline regexes with identical start and end are
676 involved, fixes a crash with zero-length regex matches,
677 does replacements at the edges of a marked region right,
678 no longer hides double-width characters at the head of
679 softwrapped rows, displays at most three warnings at
680 startup, and documents the ability to read a file from
681 standard input. Come tickle my ears.
685 2017 January 10
687 GNU nano 2.7.4 "Red dress" undoes deletions in an orderly
688 manner again (bug was introduced in previous version),
689 sets the preferred x position for vertical movements
690 more consistently, avoids some scrolling problems in
691 softwrap mode, installs the Info manual also when your
692 system lacks 'makeinfo', and corrects the behavior of
693 the beginning-of-word anchor (\&lt;) in regex searches.
697 2016 December 28
699 GNU nano 2.7.3 "Ontbijtkoek" wipes away a handful of bugs:
700 your editor is now able to handle filenames that contain
701 newlines, avoids a brief flash of color when switching
702 between buffers that are governed by different syntaxes,
703 makes the Shift+Ctrl+Arrow keys select text again on a
704 Linux console, is more resistant against malformations
705 in the positionlog file, and does not crash when ^C is
706 typed on systems where it produces the code KEY_CANCEL.
707 Oh, and it no longer mistakenly warns about editing an
708 unlocked file just after saving a new one. That's it.
709 Tastes great with thick butter.
713 2016 December 12
715 GNU nano 2.7.2 "Shemesh! Shemesh!" brings another feature:
716 the ability to complete with one keystroke (^] by default)
717 a fragment of a word to a full word existing elsewhere in
718 the current buffer. Besides, this release fixes two bugs
719 related to using line numbers in softwrap mode, allows to
720 use the PageUp and PageDown keys together with Shift on
721 VTE-based terminals, stops the help lines from flickering
722 during interactive replacing, makes a 'set fill' override
723 an earlier 'set nowrap', properly restores the selected
724 region after an external spell check, and improves a few
725 other tidbits. If you should find any more bugs, please
726 run 'man nano | grep bugs' and report them there.
730 2016 October 29
732 GNU nano 2.7.1 "Leuven" adds an often-asked-for feature: the
733 ability to display line numbers beside the text. This can
734 be activated with -l or --linenumbers on the command line,
735 or with 'set linenumbers' in your nanorc, or toggled with
736 M-#. The coloring of these numbers can be chosen via the
737 option 'set numbercolor'. This release furthermore fixes
738 some bugs with scrolling in softwrap mode, is more strict
739 in the parsing of key rebindings, and marks a new buffer
740 as modified when the output of a command (^R ^X) has been
741 read into it. Come and check it out!
745 2016 September 1
747 GNU nano 2.7.0 "Suni" adds a new feature: allowing text to be
748 selected by holding Shift together with the cursor keys.
749 Besides that, nano now works also when run in very tiny
750 terminals (down to one line, one column), and improves
751 the handling of the prompt in cramped spaces. Not much,
752 but it's time to get it out there.
754 With this release we return to GNU. For just a little while
755 we dreamt we were tigers. But we are back in the herd,
756 back to a healthy diet of fresh green free grass.
760 2016 August 10
762 nano 2.6.3 "Marika" makes the Ctrl+Arrow keys work also on
763 a Linux virtual console, takes as verbatim only the very
764 first keystroke after M-V, removes any lock files that it
765 holds when dying, doesn't abort when a word contains digits
766 (when using the default speller), fixes a small sorting bug
767 in the file browser, makes searching case-insensitively in
768 a UTF-8 locale a little faster, and doesn't enter invalid
769 bytes when holding down both Alt keys. Sant&eacute;!
773 2016 July 28
775 nano 2.6.2 "Le vent nous portera" adds two new features: the
776 keystrokes Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down for jumping between blocks
777 of text, and the option 'wordchars' for specifying which
778 characters (beside alphanumeric ones) should be considered
779 word-forming. Further, it provides feedback during Unicode
780 input (M-V followed by a six-digit hexadecimal number which
781 must start with 0 or 10), avoids a crash when resizing the
782 window during Verbatim input, doesn't drop a keystroke after
783 having been suspended, and replaces the beginning-of-line
784 anchor (^) just once per line. There are also several tiny
785 improvements in screen rendering and key handling.
786 Come get your hair tousled!
790 2016 June 27
792 nano 2.6.1 "Stampede" is chiefly a translation update, but also
793 adds one little feature (the ability to use negative numbers
794 with Go To Line: -1 meaning the first line from the bottom),
795 includes syntax highlighting for Rust, and fixes three tiny
796 bugs (but in such far corners of the editor that they aren't
797 even worth mentioning).
801 2016 June 17
803 nano 2.6.0 "Rubicon" fixes more than fifty little bugs -- and
804 some of them not so little. It improves moving about in
805 the file browser, corrects failings of the internal spell
806 checker, adds a new feature (comment/uncomment lines, with
807 default binding M-3), makes some error messages clearer,
808 shows more of a file when positionlog is used and the cursor
809 is near the end, displays all error messages at startup if
810 there are multiple ones, does not misinterpret keystrokes
811 when typing very fast, is less eager to trim the filename
812 on narrow terminals, speeds up case-insensitive searches,
813 and allows to abort re-searches. Among bunches of other
814 things. It is worth the trouble to upgrade.
816 And, with this release, we take leave of the herd...
817 Bye! And thanks for all the grass!
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