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2021-05-05  Benno Schulenbergprefix the title of each page with "nano — "
2021-05-05  Benno Schulenbergadd a <meta> description tag in the <head> section...
2021-05-05  Benno Schulenbergput the <title> tag inside the <head> section of each...
2019-09-02  Benno Schulenbergoops -- when using <pre> and <center>, trailing space...
2019-09-02  Benno Schulenbergimprove the spacing of the front-page elements
2019-08-25  Benno Schulenbergremove the unneeded and invalid 'cols' attribute from...
2019-08-25  Benno Schulenbergremove redundant specifications of the 'height' attribute
2019-08-25  Benno Schulenbergremove the nonexistent attribute 'nosave'
2017-07-21  Benno Schulenbergplace the "The" in the logo a bit better
2016-08-14  Benno Schulenbergrestore the GNU marker in nano's name
2016-08-14  Benno Schulenbergrestore GNU in the ASCII-art logo
2016-06-17  Benno Schulenbergremove the GNU marker where it does not apply any more
2016-06-17  Benno Schulenbergwipe GNU from ASCII-art logo
2016-06-14  Mike Frysingerinitial commit