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3 Propaganda for version 2.58 of sysvinit & utilities
4 ==================================================
6NOTE: If you use a standard distribution like Slackware, Debian
7or Redhat there probably is no need to upgrade. Installing sysvinit
8is only for those that upgrade their system by hand or for people
9that create Linux distributions.
11Sysvinit is probably the most widely used init package for Linux.
12Most distributions use it. sysvinit 2.4 is really a good package,
13and it was not the need for bugfixes but the need for more features
14that made me work on sysvinit again.
16Sysvinit is now a debian package. Debian source packages are not
17special in any way -- in fact you can just unpack and compile
18it on any other Linux distribution.
20There was a 2.50 release of sysvinit but that was not very popular-
21some of the included scripts broke with certain shells and other
22minor things like that. Unfortunately I was not able to fix this
23at the time because I was abroad for some time. Therefore the
24description below is a comparison of 2.4 and 2.58 (actually the
25same blurb as from the 2.50 announce but updated).
27Wrt 2.4, some of the code has been made simpler. Everything, from
28halt to reboot to single user mode is now done by shell scripts
29that are executed directly by init (from /etc/inittab), so shutdown
30does not kill processes anymore and then calls reboot - it merely
31does some wall's to the logged in users and then switches to
32runlevel 0 (halt), 1 (single user) or 6 (reboot).
34I have removed support for the old style scripts; the included
35example scripts are the Debian GNU/Linux distribution scripts.
36This does not mean that eg the Slackware scripts stop to work;
37you can probably drop this init into Slackware 3.0 without problems.
39Most people have an entry in inittab to run shutdown when CTRL-ALT-DEL
40is pressed; a feature has been added to shutdown to check if a
41authorized user is logged in on one of the consoles to see if a
42shutdown is allowed. This can be configured with an access file.
44Some other general changes:
45- utility "runlevel" to read the current and previous runlevel from
46 /var/run/utmp (it's also shown on the command line if you do a "ps").
47- unreckognized options are silently ignored (such as the infamous
48 "ro" - mount root file system read only).
49- if the file /etc/initscript is present it will be used to launch
50 all programs that init starts (so that you can set a generic
51 umask, ulimit eg for ALL processes - see initscript.sample).
52- A "sulogin" program added that always asks for the root
53 passsword before entering single user mode.
54- A "-b" flag to init that starts a shell at boot time before
55 _any_ other processing.
56- I moved /etc/fastboot to /fastboot - wonder what that's gonna break :)
57- I even updated the manpages!
59Right, now some boring stuff you already know since it's the same
60as in the 2.4 release:
62The sysvinit package includes
64* a sysv compatible /sbin/init program
65* a telinit program (er, just a link to /sbin/init) to change runlevels
66* a featureful shutdown
67* halt and reboot to assist shutdown
68* a very forgiving last utility
69* the wall & mesg programs (not installed by default)
70* manpages for everything
72The new sysv init can be found on:
74tsx-11.mit.edu:/pub/linux/sources/sbin as sysvinit-2.58-1.tar.gz
75sunsite.unc.edu:/pub/Linux/system/Daemons as sysvinit-2.58-1.tar.gz
77It will be moved there in a few days, in the mean time it is
78probably in the Incoming directory.
80Mike. (02-Jan-1996)