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The next release will be 2.89.
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2 README for the System V style init, version 2.86
4 init, shutdown, halt, reboot, wall, last, mesg, runlevel,
5 killall5, pidof, sulogin.
7 All programs, files and scripts in this package are covered by
8 the Gnu Public License, and copyrighted by me.
10 If you are not using Debian and the debianized package,
11 you will have to install the new init by hand. You should
12 be able to drop the binaries into a Slackware or Redhat
13 system, I think.
15 Here is a list of preferred directories to install the progs & manpages:
17 wall.1, last.1, mesg.1 /usr/man/man1
18 inittab.5, initscript.5 /usr/man/man5
19 init.8, halt.8, reboot.8,
20 shutdown.8, powerd.8,
21 killall5.8, pidof.8,
22 runlevel.8, sulogin.8 /usr/man/man8
24 init /sbin/init
25 inittab /etc/inittab
26 initscript.sample /etc/initscript.sample
27 telinit a link (with ln(1) ) to init, either
28 in /bin or in /sbin.
29 halt /sbin/halt
30 reboot a link to /sbin/halt in the same directory
31 killall5 /sbin/killall5
32 pidof a link to /sbin/killall5 in the same directory.
33 runlevel /sbin/runlevel
34 shutdown /sbin/shutdown.
35 wall /usr/bin/wall
36 mesg /usr/bin/mesg
37 last /usr/bin/last
38 sulogin /sbin/sulogin
39 bootlogd /sbin/bootlogd
40 utmpdump don't install, it's just a debug thingy.
42 If you already _have_ a "wall" in /bin (the SLS release had, for example)
43 do _not_ install this wall. Chances are that the wall you are already
44 using is linked to /bin/write. Either first _remove_ /bin/wall before
45 installing the new one, or don't install the new one at all.
47 You might want to create a file called "/etc/shutdown.allow". Read the
48 manual page on shutdown to find out more about this.
50 Running from a read-only file system (CDROM?):
51 o All communication to init goes through the FIFO /dev/initctl.
52 There should be no problem using a read-only root file system
53 IF you use a Linux kernel > 1.3.66. Older kernels don't allow
54 writing to a FIFO on a read-only file system.
56 Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron.nl>