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2022-10-07  Mike Frysingerconvert to MV3 main v2.0
2022-10-07  Mike Frysingerpopup: move prompt from background page to popup page
2022-10-07  Mike Frysingerconvert JS to ES6 modules
2022-10-07  Mike Frysingerimages: crush them all
2022-10-07  Mike Frysingerchrome-bootstrap: roll to latest release
2022-10-07  Mike Frysingeroptions: move unique functions in here
2022-10-07  Mike Frysingermanifest: drop web_accessible_resources
2020-09-23  Mike Frysingerdrop tabs permission v1.5.6
2020-09-23  Mike Frysingerremove "fork" from strings
2014-04-25  Mike Frysingerfix typo in clearing of old history v1.5.5
2014-03-29  Mike Frysingeradd an option to run silently -- no notifications at all v1.5.4
2014-03-29  Mike Frysingerupdate dist helpers
2014-03-22  Mike Frysingeradd files to help with making dists v1.5.3
2014-03-22  Mike Frysingerrewrite options page to be more chrome-like
2014-03-22  Mike Frysingeruse a better icon
2014-01-21  Mike Frysingerfix notification message when deleting old history v1.5.2
2014-01-21  Mike Frysingeradd support for clearing download history
2013-03-02  Mike Frysingeruse chrome.storage.sync v1.5.1
2013-03-02  Mike Frysingerfix timer init
2013-01-30  Mike Frysingeradd an option to automatically purge history v1.5.0
2013-01-30  Mike Frysingerallow people to delete *old* history rather than *new...
2013-01-30  Mike Frysingeradd more time choices
2013-01-30  Mike Frysingermake cookie deletion optional
2013-01-30  Mike Frysingeruse non-persistent background page
2013-01-30  Mike Frysingerdo not autoload options page on first install
2013-01-30  Mike Frysingerdelete Google Analytics usage
2013-01-30  Mike Frysingerfork version/name/description
2013-01-29  Mike Frysingerdelete translations
2013-01-29  Mike Frysingerclearhistory-1.5 upstream v1.5