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Project Description Owner Last Change
ICEs.git GCC ICEs Mike Frysinger 5 years ago
chrome-ext/clearhistory-advance-fork.git Chrome Extension: clear history Mike Frysinger 10 months ago
chrome-ext/crftp.git NaCl FTP client in Chrome Mike Frysinger 7 years ago
chrome-ext/music-player-client.git Chrome Extension: Mike Frysinger 7 years ago
chrome-ext/wake-on-lan.git Chrome Extension: Mike Frysinger 4 years ago
chrome-ext/waterfall-buildbot-clicker.git Chrome Extension: automatically click all the waterfall... Mike Frysinger 5 years ago
chrome-ext/web-power-switch.git Chrome Extension: Mike Frysinger 18 months ago
dump.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to... Mike Frysinger 10 years ago
fontconfig.git Mike Frysinger 9 years ago
home.git my ~/ Mike Frysinger 3 months ago
nano-editor.git The website Mike Frysinger 5 weeks ago
patches.git random patches; mostly (all?) dead Mike Frysinger 5 years ago
sysvinit.git Mirror of Mike Frysinger 7 years ago
tt-rss.git web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator... Mike Frysinger 2 years ago