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2022-10-07  Mike Frysingerfix dark theme main v5.0
2022-10-07  Mike Frysingerupdate to MV3
2020-04-01  Mike Frysingeradd theme to release v4.2
2020-04-01  Mike Frysingeradd css files to release v4.1
2020-04-01  Mike Frysingerrelease 4.0 v4.0
2020-04-01  Mike Frysingeradd dark/light themes
2020-04-01  Mike Frysingerpopup: use standard String.trim() now
2020-04-01  Mike Frysingerinitial support for power cycling automatically
2020-04-01  Mike FrysingerREADME: update links
2020-04-01  Mike Frysingerset utf-8 in html files
2020-04-01  Mike Frysingerclarify licensing
2020-01-05  Mike Frysingeroptions: improve field handling v3.0
2020-01-05  Mike Frysingerimages: crush icons
2020-01-05  Mike Frysingerdist: improve manifest & min steps
2020-01-05  Mike Frysingerclosure: update lang spec to ECMA2019
2020-01-05  Mike Frysingerpopup: add automatic dark-mode support
2015-01-17  Mike Frysingeroptions: switch to new chrome options page
2014-03-15  Mike Frysingeruse sans serif fonts in popup v2.3
2014-03-15  Mike Frysingerrewrite options page to be more chrome like
2014-03-15  Mike Frysingersupport minifying css files too
2014-03-15  Mike FrysingerCreate README.md
2013-12-19  Mike Frysingercompile down the javascript when releasing v2.2
2013-12-19  Mike Frysingersmooth over the permission workaround
2013-08-24  Mike Frysingeradd a permission check to display a helpful message... v2.1
2013-08-22  Mike Frysingerconvert to using dynamic runtime chrome.permissions API
2013-04-15  Mike Frysingermark blank outlet names as unnamed v1.2 v2.0
2013-04-15  Mike Frysingerextract user-set name for device, and link to the system
2013-02-17  Mike Frysingeradd a link to the options page when connection fails v1.1
2013-02-17  Mike Frysingerinitial extension v1.0