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Updated buggy example.
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1Congratulations! You just found a bug in dump/restore and want
2to know what to do next.
4Here are some guidelines you will want to follow before sending me
5a mail:
71. Are you sure it's a bug? If you just are not sure about how
8to use a specific feature of dump, please post your question on
9the dump-users mailing list. While you are there, try to browse the
10archives of the mailing list and see if someone asked the same question
13 NOTE: questions about how to use the d(ensity) (b)locksize parameters
14 enters this category!
162. Always test the last version of dump/restore before submitting a
17bug report. Your problem is maybe already fixed!
193. Consult the bugs using the bug system at sourceforge. Use this
20bug system if you want to report a new bug or contribute to an
21existing bug. You may want to create an account on sourceforge for that,
22so the comments will automatically be forwarded to your email address.
244. If you are using the bug system and didn't create an account on
25sourceforge, put your email address into the bug report! If I am unable
26to contact you for more information, chances are that the bug will
27never be solved!
295. Please provide detailed information about your system:
30 - distribution and its version (RedHat, Debian, Suse, homemade etc.)
31 - architecture (Intel, Sparc, PalmPilot etc.)
32 - dump/restore version (0.4b13, etc)
33 - e2fsprogs version (1.17, etc)
34 - libc version (libc5, glibc2.0, gilbc2.1 etc)
35 - complete output of the dump/restore command which caused
36 the failure (ok, you can delete the 'xx% done' lines)
37 - the device you dump into/restore from (tape drive, file etc).
38 - anything else you believe will help me to find the bug...
406. In addition, if you want to report a bug on dump, provide also:
41 - details of your filesystem you want to dump:
42 output of the command 'tune2fs -l /dev/sda1'
43 (replace sda1 with your partition...)
44 - if your filesystem was mounted when doing the dump, try
45 to rerun the command with the filesystem unmounted. Does
46 the bug still occur?
47 - try to dump your filesystem using /dev/null as tape device.
48 This may help to know that the bug is not triggered by a
49 buggy device or tape or remote access problems.
52Ok, here are the pointers you may want to access:
54Dump latest release: http://sourceforge.net/project/filelist.php?group_id=1306
55Dump mailing lists: http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=1306
56Dump bug system: http://sourceforge.net/bugs/?group_id=1306
11856e77 57My email: stelian@popies.net