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last changeFri, 10 Jun 2011 14:06:04 +0000 (14:06 +0000)
2011-06-10  Stelian PopRegenerate configure. master
2011-06-10  Stelian PopSQLlite and QFA overhaul.
2011-06-10  Stelian PopEncryption (and compression as plugins) support.
2011-06-10  Stelian PopPrevent bsdcompat.h to be included more than once.
2011-06-10  Stelian PopImprove data throughput in dump by allowing the slaves...
2011-06-10  Stelian PopPrepare for release dump-0.4b44 release_0_4b44
2011-06-10  Stelian PopMove from examples to testing
2011-06-08  Stelian PopFix fgets bug when asking for a tape name.
2011-05-23  Stelian PopAdd quick regression script.
2011-05-23  Stelian PopBetter zlib test.
2011-05-23  Stelian PopFix static builds.
2011-05-20  Stelian PopBetter s390 patch from Adam Tkac.
2011-05-20  Stelian PopFix SYS_clone on s390
2011-05-05  Stelian PopFix restore -P with compressed dumps.
2011-02-21  Stelian PopFix incorrect hole handling.
2010-12-06  Stelian PopFix restoring of files splitted on several volumes...
11 years ago release_0_4b44
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18 years ago release_0_4b36
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19 years ago release_0_4b33
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