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Fix the 'do not save directory entries to non-dumped inodes
[dump.git] / dump / traverse.c
2005-01-25  Stelian PopFix the 'do not save directory entries to non-dumped...
2004-12-15  Stelian PopBe sure the di_size in a map header has the correct...
2004-12-14  Stelian PopFix the exclusion of directory entries of inodes from...
2004-11-22  Stelian PopExclude directory entries to non-dumped inodes from...
2004-07-01  Stelian PopFixed an offset calculation leading to bread lseek...
2004-03-10  Stelian PopBack in the backed out block estimate patch. :)
2004-03-08  Stelian PopBack out the block estimate patch.
2004-03-08  Stelian PopFixed -F to be run even if -M/-f is in use.
2004-03-01  Stelian PopAnother try at fixing size estimate.
2003-10-26  Stelian PopFrom Uwe Gohlke:
2003-03-30  Stelian PopRelicensed dump/restore under the revised BSD license...
2003-01-10  Stelian PopAdd local EXT2_FT_* constants.
2003-01-10  Stelian PopMade dump accept -I 0 (unlimited read errors)
2002-12-09  Stelian PopFixed the warn(ACL won't be dumped) message.
2002-09-02  Stelian PopFixed dump's estimate when dealing with sparse inodes.
2002-08-18  Stelian PopFixed 'undefined file type xxx' warnings in interactive...
2002-07-19  Stelian PopFixed a lot of warnings in the code thanks to 'gcc -W'
2002-07-17  Stelian PopCreate new BSD inodes (and get 32 bit UID/GID)
2002-06-10  Stelian PopPrint out ext2 block number when dump encounters a...
2002-05-16  Stelian PopFix nodump or exclude inodes propagation on directory...
2002-04-11  Stelian Popremove extra debug comment left over.
2002-04-04  Stelian Popdump -m implementation.
2002-02-04  Stelian PopFrom Uwe Gohlke:
2002-01-25  Stelian Popkill "register".
2002-01-25  Stelian Pop-A archive file implementation
2002-01-16  Stelian Popnoos -> popies.net
2001-11-11  Stelian PopMake BREADEMAX adjustable with the -I option to dump.
2001-08-17  Stelian PopFixed a overflow problem in dump (LFS)
2001-07-19  Stelian PopPretty printing when excluding inodes.
2001-07-19  Stelian Pop-e inode,inode and -E file implementation.
2001-07-18  Stelian PopFixed the looping problem in dump (deal with holes...
2001-06-18  Stelian PopCheck for the e2fsprogs header <ext2fs/ext2_fs.h> inste...
2001-04-11  Stelian PopFixed dumping/restoring of files ending with holes.
2001-04-10  Stelian PopMultifile option to dump.
2001-03-28  Stelian PopCorrection of block estimate.
2001-03-23  Stelian PopAnother set of cleanups from Andreas.
2001-03-21  Stelian PopConfigure magic for testing ext2_ino_t and s_journal_inum
2001-03-20  Stelian PopChanged ino_t to dump_ino_t.
2001-03-20  Stelian PopAnother set of cleanups from Andreas Dilger (time_t...
2001-03-19  Stelian PopAndreas Dilger fixes (CPP, ext2 features, const char...
2000-12-21  Stelian PopLFS compatibility.
2000-12-05  Stelian PopUse the libext2fs inode-scanning functions.
2000-12-04  Stelian Popcybercable -> noos.
2000-11-10  Stelian PopCopyright notice for Alcôve, for paying me to work...
2000-11-10  Stelian PopSave ext2 volume label into the dump label.
2000-09-26  Stelian PopMade dump able to dump files bigger than 2 GB.
2000-09-01  Stelian PopFixed the -e option on a directory.
2000-05-28  Stelian PopSmall fixes to allow dump to compile with a really...
2000-03-03  Stelian PopCorrected the size estimate.
2000-02-10  Stelian PopCompatibility between dumps made on little endian machi...
2000-02-04  Stelian PopAdded -e exclude inode option to dump.
2000-01-21  Stelian PopUpdate the location of dump home page (to the sourcefor...
2000-01-13  Stelian PopSmall compile warnings (on alpha).
2000-01-09  Stelian Pop'filetype' feature bug when dumping huge filesystems.
1999-12-05  Stelian PopFixed a memory leak in traverse.c (dump growed very...
1999-11-21  Stelian PopDump accepts ext3 filesystems. Checking the superblock... release_0_4b10
1999-11-21  Stelian PopMade the nodump flag work on a directory.
1999-11-17  Stelian PopBug concerning 'filetype' feature in ext2fs.
1999-11-02  Stelian PopWaitpid problem with external RSH.
1999-10-13  Stelian PopAdded version in usage text.
1999-10-11  Stelian PopAdded CVS Id.
1999-10-11  Stelian PopVersion 0.4b7. release_0_4b7
1999-10-11  Stelian PopVersion 0.4b6. release_0_4b6
1999-10-11  Stelian PopVersion 0.4b5. release_0_4b5
1999-10-11  Stelian PopInitial revision