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Added EA/ACL support in dump and restore.
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2005-05-02  Stelian PopAdded EA/ACL support in dump and restore.
2003-05-08  Stelian PopMake configure understand CPPFLAGS=, CFLAGS=, LDFLAGS=...
2003-01-24  Stelian PopEnabled rmt, LFS, readline, QFA options by default...
2002-01-02  Stelian PopMakefile cleanups.
2001-08-16  Stelian PopAdded bzip2 compression to dump.
2001-04-12  Stelian PopCleanups for new gcc/glibc.
2001-04-06  Stelian PopGet the install paths from configure.
2001-02-21  Stelian Pop*** empty log message ***
2000-05-29  Stelian PopAdded readline capabilities to interactive restore.
1999-10-11  Stelian PopAdded CVS Id.
1999-10-11  Stelian PopVersion 0.4b7. release_0_4b7
1999-10-11  Stelian PopVersion 0.4b6. release_0_4b6
1999-10-11  Stelian PopInitial revision