2016-06-20  Benno Schulenbergdownloads: fix an ftp protocol marker
2016-06-20  Mike Frysingerscreenshots: reorganize & inline
2016-06-20  Benno Schulenbergsome edits that were made on the server to get the...
2016-06-17  Benno Schulenbergremove the GNU marker where it does not apply any more
2016-06-17  Benno Schulenbergadjust some titles and text for the new release
2016-06-17  Benno Schulenbergwipe GNU from ASCII-art logo
2016-06-17  Benno Schulenbergremove obsolete files
2016-06-17  Benno Schulenbergcvs is long dead -- use the generic abbrev instead
2016-06-14  Mike Frysingerconvert to https in almost all locations
2016-06-14  Mike Frysingerinitial commit