2018-12-10  Mike master
2018-12-10  Mike Frysingerdrop undesired shilling
2018-12-10  Mike Frysingeruse CDN for scriptaculous
2018-12-10  Mike Frysingerhide purge options when config.php has forced things
2018-12-10  Mike Frysingergooglereaderkeys: add u hotkey
2018-12-10  Mike Frysingersupport disabling of e-mail digests entirely
2018-12-10  Mike Frysingerfeedbrowser hack
2018-12-10  Mike Frysingerupdate perms
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovbring back (debloated) version of unexpanded combined...
2018-11-30  Andrew DolgovcdmClicked: when clicked on article link, open it in...
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovenable c-up/down hotkeys even out of cdm
2018-11-30  Andrew DolgovMerge branch 'master' of
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovfirst stage of headline element handling refactoring
2018-11-30  foxMerge branch 'night.css-tweaks' of adaminato/tt-rss...
2018-11-30  adaminatoBrighten title. Black was hard to read on the dark...
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgov</hurr>
2018-11-30  Andrew DolgovcdmScrollToArticle: set id as active if selected
2018-11-30  Andrew DolgovcdmScrollToArticle: set article read on selection
2018-11-30  Andrew DolgovmoveToPost: set unread to false when article is selected
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovcompact theme fixes
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovcss updates; night theme fixes for changed CSS classes
2018-11-30  Andrew DolgovMerge branch 'master' of
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovminor css fixes (mostly for zoom mode)
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovbump version static 18.12
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovrework some styles related to three panel mode
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovcombined mode (and more) css class name updates
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovplugins: add some xhrPost refactoring
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovremove remove_splash()
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovreplace 4 space indents with tabs
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovstrip_harmful_tags: remove data- attributes
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovremove FTITLE- id
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovremove some unnecessary element IDs
2018-11-30  Andrew DolgovunpackVisibleHeadlines: go ahead of the buffer position...
2018-11-30  Andrew DolgovunpackVisibleHeadlines: go ahead of the buffer position...
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovscroll handler: performance improvements
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovpacked headlines: no point in using JSON here
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovheadlines: remove collapseBtn
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovremove expandable CDM headlines
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovmove to simpler CDM handling of encoded content (instea...
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovremove ok = confirm() thing
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovfinish xhrPost migration of js/
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovremove duplicated code from hotkey actions handler
2018-11-30  Andrew DolgoveditSelectedFeeds: fix missing unset checkboxes properly
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovsome more xhrPost refactoring (batchEditSave WIP)
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovuse xhrPost is even more places!
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovfix missing sprintf() argument
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovplugins: run eslint const/let fixes
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovdebug logging system rework:
2018-11-30  Andrew Dolgovcache_starred_articles: limit maximum amount of downloa...
2018-11-29  Andrew Dolgovuse xhrPost in even more places!
2018-11-29  Andrew Dolgovoops, remove useless db_escape_string() in article...
2018-11-29  Andrew Dolgovuse xhrPost in more places
2018-11-29  Andrew Dolgovuse xhrPost in more places; various minor cleanup
2018-11-29  Andrew Dolgovmove to let/const syntax in custom dojo modules
2018-11-29  Andrew Dolgovset dialogs to const
2018-11-29  Andrew Dolgovdon't compare result with undefined seq
2018-11-29  Andrew Dolgovsome more eslint-related stuff
2018-11-29  Andrew Dolgovdeclare globals with let
2018-11-29  Andrew Dolgoveslint-related fixes
2018-11-26  Andrew Dolgovreset password: use updated mailer parameters properly
2018-11-23  Andrew Dolgovremove cache/simplepie
2018-11-22  Andrew Dolgovmention mailer_smtp plugin in config.php-dist
2018-11-22  Andrew Dolgovsanity config: fix typo
2018-11-22  Andrew Dolgovupdate sanity_config.php
2018-11-22  Andrew Dolgovmailer: fix indents
2018-11-22  Andrew Dolgovmailer: return 0 if plugin requested to stop (-1)
2018-11-22  Andrew DolgovMerge branch 'master' of
2018-11-22  Andrew Dolgovmailer: split to/from name/addresses
2018-11-22  Andrew DolgovMailer->error: no argument
2018-11-22  Andrew Dolgovremove PHPMailer and related directives from config...
2018-11-07  Andrew Dolgovupdate .gitignore
2018-11-07  Andrew Dolgovgenerate_syndicated_feed: add support for virtual feeds...
2018-11-03  Andrew Dolgovdb_prefs: fix cache never being used on read(); remove...
2018-11-03  Andrew Dolgovphp: remove trailing whitespaces
2018-11-03  Andrew Dolgovupd .gitignore
2018-11-03  Andrew Dolgovbetter handle PDOExceptions during open transaction...
2018-10-16  Andrew Dolgovfix session write handler always assuming that database...
2018-10-16  Andrew Dolgovremove session REMOTE_ADDR checks
2018-10-16  Andrew Dolgovlogin: check for stale session in login handler, instea...
2018-10-16  Andrew Dolgovanother attempt to enforce session ID regeneration...
2018-10-16  Andrew Dolgovproperly save auth_module after logging in
2018-10-15  Andrew Dolgovit was probably not the best idea to use session_regene...
2018-10-15  Andrew Dolgovdo not use separate _ssl cookie for secure sessions
2018-10-15  Andrew Dolgovforce regenerate session id on successful login, remove...
2018-10-15  Andrew Dolgovif empty session is autostarted because of a cookie...
2018-10-15  Andrew Dolgovvalidate_session: bring back IP session binding (enable...
2018-10-15  Andrew DolgovAPI endpoint: disable session cookies
2018-10-14  Andrew Dolgovlogout user: commit destroyed session
2018-10-10  Andrew Dolgovrebase translations
2018-10-10  foxMerge branch 'i18n' of HenryQW/tt-rss into master
2018-10-09  HenryUpdate Chinese translation
2018-10-09  Andrew DolgovMerge branch 'master' of
2018-10-09  Andrew Dolgovremove segoe ui web fontface
2018-10-08  foxMerge branch 'i18n' of HenryQW/tt-rss into master
2018-10-08  HenryCorrect Chinese translation
2018-09-21  Andrew Dolgovshorten_expanded: also hide embedded attachments behind...
2018-09-11  Andrew Dolgovfix af_zz_vidmute for new chrome breaking muting via...
2018-09-10  Andrew DolgovLogger_SQL: use separate PDO connection
2018-09-10  Andrew DolgovLogger->log() allow passing context (defaults to '')
2018-09-10  Andrew DolgovLogger: add implementation for logger->log(message)