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1 $Id: CHANGES,v 1.288 2008/04/17 15:19:12 stelian Exp $
3 Changes between versions 0.4b41 and 0.4b42 (released xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
4 =====================================================================
6 1. Fix printout of the 'Connection to' message in dump/restore.
7 Thanks to Dale Wiles <dwiles@users.sourceforge.net> for the
8 bug report and its fix.
10 2. Fix dump -w/-W output for filesystems having the last backup
11 level equal to 0. Thanks to Pascal Bouchareine
12 <kalou@users.sourceforge.net> for reporting the bug.
14 3. Enable restore to handle restoring onto a different SELinux
15 policy from the dump. Thanks to Tony Nelson
16 <tony_nelson@users.sourceforge.net> for the patch.
17 (see http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=189845
18 for details)
20 4. Fix EA set failures when restoring immutable files. Thanks
21 to Andrew Kroeger for the patch.
23 5. Fix "mode file too large" errors when restoring huge backups.
24 Thanks to Kenneth Porter <shiva@sewingwitch.com> for the bug
25 report.
27 6. Add the ability to link against libtinfo library if present,
28 instead of libtermcap or libncurses libraries. Thanks to
29 Adam Tkac <atkac@redhat.com> for the patch.
31 Changes between versions 0.4b40 and 0.4b41 (released January 2, 2006)
32 =====================================================================
34 1. Fix restore of dumped Access Control Lists. The previous
35 code for EA works fine, but ACLs needed conversion from the
36 ext2/3 disk format to posix_acl format before restoring.
38 2. Fix some issues with restoration of EA on big endian
39 platforms.
41 3. Fix restore when the symtab is over 2GB in size.
43 4. Made the directory hash indexing an optional feature,
44 accessible by the '-H' option of restore, and disable it
45 by default.
47 5. Fixed dump to not include extended attributes information
48 in the toc (archive) file which confused restore -t.
50 Changes between versions 0.4b39 and 0.4b40 (released May 2, 2005)
51 =================================================================
53 1. Changed restore to emit warnings (instead of emitting a fatal
54 error) if a file (or a directory) is unavailable for a
55 comparision (if the user doesn't have the necessary permissions
56 to access it for example). Thanks to Kenneth Porter
57 <shiva@sewingwitch.com> for the bug report.
59 2. Re-done the 'do not save directory entries to non-dumped inodes
60 (excluded from dump)' feature. The previous implementation
61 worked well for excluded directories but not for regular files.
62 Thanks to Kenneth Porter <shiva@sewingwitch.com> for the bug
63 report.
65 3. Fixed a bug in dump where the tape size was miscalculated when
66 the user used -d/-s to specify the tape characteristics. Thanks
67 to Philip Goisman <goisman@physics.arizona.edu> for reporting
68 the bug.
70 4. Fixed another bug introduced in restore with the hashtree
71 implementation. This one caused restore to stop saying
72 "removenode: non-empty directory" in some cases.
74 5. Added support for dumping and restoring ext2/3 extended
75 attributes (EA), like the access control lists (ACL) or
76 the security labels used by SELinux.
78 Changes between versions 0.4b38 and 0.4b39 (released January 21, 2005)
79 ======================================================================
81 1. The newly added dump_on_cd_3 example was buggy, replace it
82 with an updated version from Andrew Basterfield
83 <bob@cemetery.homeunix.org>.
85 2. Made restore to chdir() back into the initial directory when
86 dumping core while aborting a comparision operation. The
87 previous behaviour was to write the corefile at the root of
88 the directory being compared, which could very well be
89 read only and preventing the corefile generation. Thanks
90 to Kenneth Porter <shiva@sewingwitch.com> for the bug report.
92 3. Silenced the failure to call fgetflags() when comparing an
93 entry which has no ext2 attributes (as in lsattr()).
95 4. Fix a brown paper bug in restore -C which broke restore and
96 caused modifications on the filesystem being compared
97 (directories containing a file with the same name as the
98 directory get renamed to RSTTMP...). Thanks to Kenneth Porter
99 <shiva@sewingwitch.com> for finding the bug and helping me
100 reproduce it.
102 5. Made restore -C force the -N flag (no writing allowed on
103 the disk) in order to prevent more bugs like the above one.
105 Changes between versions 0.4b37 and 0.4b38 (released January 7, 2005)
106 =====================================================================
108 1. Fix a couple of troff syntax bugs in the man pages.
109 Thanks to Eric Raymond <esr@thyrsus.com> for the patch.
111 2. Made restore use either libncurses or libtermcap, depending
112 on which one is available at configure time.
114 3. Fixed restore negative size display bug when comparing a
115 dump containing files over 2GB. Thanks to Steve Bonds
116 <sbonds@users.sourceforge.net> for the bug report.
118 4. Do not save directory entries to non-dumped inodes
119 (excluded from dump). This will eliminate the 'missing
120 file' warnings when doing 'restore -C'.
122 5. Fix dump crash when backuping a huge (2TB) filesystem,
123 due to a bogus calculation on the inode map size.
124 Thanks to Kevin B. Haines <K.B.Haines@rl.ac.uk> for
125 submitting the bug and testing the fix.
127 6. Fix a problem in restore where the final \0 in the symbolic
128 link names could have been lost, generating corrupt filenames.
129 Thanks to Kyle Wilson <kyle.wilson@amd.com> for reporting the
130 bug.
132 7. Implemented a hash list for the directory names in restore.
133 The linear list used before caused problems in interactive
134 restores when dealing with directories having thousands of
135 entries. Thanks to Brian Ristuccia <bristuccia@starentnetworks.com>
136 for reporting the bug.
138 8. Improved restore -C, this time including the directory
139 attributes into the comparision.
141 9. Made restore understand tapes containing EA/ACLs (which will
142 be dumped by the next version of dump). In this version
143 extended attributes on the tape are ignored, for full EA/ACL
144 support wait for the next version or try the experimental EA
145 patch.
147 Changes between versions 0.4b36 and 0.4b37 (released July 7, 2004)
148 ==================================================================
150 1. Added the --enable-staticz configure option which enables
151 dump and restore to be linked with static versions of
152 libz and libbz2 (and dynamic versions of all other libraries).
153 This will make Debian users happy, because libz and libbz2
154 were the only needed libraries living in /usr, all the
155 others live in /lib. In case of system emergency, it is
156 better not to have to rely on an extra filesystem.
157 Thanks to Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> for the suggestion.
159 2. Fix compilation on (at least the Linux Debian port to) AMD64.
160 (<ext2fs/ext2_types.h> defines some types (__s64 and __u64)
161 that are also defined by <linux/types.h> (<asm/types.h>) and
162 they conflict).
164 3. Make dump's reading of the dumpdates file a bit more robust,
165 preventing dump from crashing when the dumpdates file has
166 been modified by hand.
168 4. Fixed some offset calculations in dump code which could
169 lead to "bread lseek errors" on large filesystems. Thanks
170 to Bruce Lowekamp <lowekamp@users.sourceforge.net> for
171 reporting this bug and debugging the issue.
173 5. Made dump use the blkid library when searching for devices
174 by label or uuid instead of dump's own routines.
176 6. Corrected a bug in dump where a wrong LABEL=... line in
177 /etc/fstab could prevent dump from dumping unrelated
178 filesystems. Thanks to Bruce Lowekamp
179 <lowekamp@users.sourceforge.net> for reporting the bug.
181 Changes between versions 0.4b35 and 0.4b36 (released April 21, 2004)
182 ====================================================================
184 1. Fixed dump compilation with old gcc versions. Thanks to
185 Mike Castle <dalgoda@users.sourceforge.net> for the patch.
187 2. Fixed some warnings (howmany, roundup, powerof2 redefined)
188 when compiling against a recent glibc version.
190 3. Fixed a bug in restore preventing the read of a dump tape
191 written with Solaris 7 ufsdump. Thanks to Patrick Higgins
192 <phiggins@transzap.com> for reporting the bug and providing
193 the test case.
195 4. Changed dump to enable the creation of volumes of different
196 sizes in a single run (make -B accept a list of values).
197 Patch contributed by Florian Zumbiehl <florz@gmx.de>.
199 5. Use the glibc provided minor() and major() macros instead
200 of our own bitmask implementation. This should be safe for
201 when the major/minor namespace will migrate to 32 bits.
202 Thanks to Zhang Jun <zhangjun@nanjing-fnst.com> for reporting
203 the bug.
205 6. Made explicit in the dump man page that dump will not create
206 a remote file, it will only write to an already existing one.
208 7. Another try at making size estimates better again.
210 8. Put back the inconditional running of the end-of-tape
211 script which was changed in 0.434 to be run only when -M
212 or multiple -f were NOT specified. Some users rely on this
213 feature even when it is combined with -M/-f.
215 9. Fixed restore when restoring huge backups (where rstdir...
216 temporary files are over 2GB). Thanks to
217 Raphael Jaffey <rjaffey@artic.edu> for reporting this,
218 debugging the issue and making the patch.
220 10. Made restore understand FreeBSD UFS2 tapes. Thanks to
221 David <vrtin@users.sourceforge.net> for submitting the bug
222 and providing a test case.
224 11. Made dump work with an arbitrary integer level (no more 10
225 levels only limitation). Thanks to Matthew
226 <msvincen@midway.uchicago.edu> for the patch.
228 Changes between versions 0.4b34 and 0.4b35 (released December 21, 2003)
229 =======================================================================
231 1. Added a note in the dump man page saying that the default
232 blocksize can be 32 if -d is used with a high density argument.
233 Thanks to Antonios Christofides <A.Christofides@itia.ntua.gr>
234 for the patch.
236 2. Fixed configure to correctly understand CPPFLAGS, CFLAGS,
237 LDFLAGS environment variables. Thanks to Arcady Genkin
238 <antipode@users.sourceforge.net> for reporting the bug.
240 3. Made -e/-E options of dump accept an unlimited number of inodes
241 to be excluded, rather than a hardcoded maximum. Thanks to
242 Dietrich Rothe <d-rothe@users.sourceforge.net> for the patch.
244 4. Updated the autoconf system to 2.50. Forced the -D_BSD_SOURCE
245 and -D_USE_BSD_SIGNAL defines in configure in order to solve
246 64bit build problems because quad_t is redifined with a
247 different signature. Thanks to Mike Harris <mharris@redhat.com>
248 for reporting this bug.
250 5. Made restore build on Solaris, making possible to
251 restore Linux's "enhanced" tapes. Thanks to Uwe Gohlke
252 <uwe@ugsoft.de> for the patch.
254 6. Made an extension in the dump tape format capable of saving
255 MacOSX specific inode extensions. Uwe Gohlke <uwe@ugsoft.de>
256 wrote the extension and contributed the restore code back
257 into this codebase. The same extension mechanism will be
258 used in the future to save ACLs...
260 7. Made rmt work correctly with regard to QFA and local/remote
261 files and tapes. The remote access will however work only
262 when the dump provided rmt version is used. If you want to
263 use another rmt server, please do not use the QFA feature.
264 Thanks to Uwe Gohlke <uwe@ugsoft.de> for the patch.
266 Changes between versions 0.4b33 and 0.4b34 (released April 18, 2003)
267 ====================================================================
269 1. Fixed the INSTALL file to reflect the actual install paths.
270 Thanks to David Ronis <ronis@ronispc.chem.mcgill.ca> for
271 reporting the bug.
273 2. Fixed the configure script to only check for headers presence
274 instead of trying to compile them. This should fix issues
275 with old build environments. Thanks to Kari Lempiainen
276 <kari@funky.pp.fi> for reporting the bug.
278 3. Fixed restore to correctly ignore sockets when comparing
279 a dump (as socket cannot be properly restored anyway). Thanks
280 to Gunther Reiszig <gunther@mit.edu> for reporting the bug.
282 4. Fixed restore to correctly access the archive file (-A argument)
283 even when using a remote tape. Thanks to Fabrice Bellet
284 <fabrice@bellet.info> for reporting the bug.
286 5. Fixed (again) handling of long (largefile) seeks in rmt.
287 Thanks to Fabrice Bellet <fabrice@bellet.info> for reporting
288 the bug.
290 6. Fixed restore corner case when dealing with large block sizes
291 dump is able to write now (-b 1024). Thanks to Fabrice Bellet
292 <fabrice@bellet.info> for reporting the bug.
294 7. Fixed a bug preventing dump to access a filesystem having
295 a label exactly 16 bytes in length. Thanks to <minduni@ti-edu.ch>
296 for reporting the bug.
298 8. Made dump store dump dates using explicit timezones, fixing a
299 problem with incremental dumps if the timezone is modified
300 between the dumps. Thanks to Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org> for
301 the bug report and the patch.
303 9. Fixed a bug encountered when dumping individual files (not full
304 filesystems or directories) and dangling symbolic links happen
305 to be in the list of files. For as far as dump is concerned,
306 dangling symbolic links are allowed, and are dumped as is.
307 Thanks to Jin-su Ahn <jsahn@ee.snu.ac.kr> for reporting the
308 bug and providing the fix.
310 10. Fixed open and creation modes and permissions for QFA and
311 table-of-contents files in dump and restore. Thanks to
312 Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org> for the patch.
314 11. Fixed the archive file descriptor handling enabling it to be 0.
315 This can happen in some cases when shell redirections are used.
316 Thanks to Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org> for the patch.
318 12. Delayed the opening of archive file until after suid had been
319 dropped (fixing a possible security issue if dump is suid).
320 Thanks to Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org> for the patch.
322 13. Fixed the 'S' command handling in the rmt client part.
323 Thanks to Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org> for the patch.
325 14. Modified the end-of-tape script handling to print out statistics
326 (and stop the timer) before launching the eot script. Also, the eot
327 script does not get run anymore when using -M (which makes sense) or
328 when multiple tapes are listed on the command line
329 (-f tape0,tape1,tapen) (which also makes sense).
330 Thanks to Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org> for the patch.
332 15. Relicensed dump/restore under the 'revised' BSD license, as per
333 ftp://ftp.cs.berkeley.edu/ucb/4bsd/README.Impt.License.Change.
335 16. Added LZO compression to dump. This new compression method has
336 the advantage of being super fast, thus not killing tape streaming
337 on slow machines. Thanks to Helmut Jarausch
338 <jarausch@igpm.rwth-aachen.de> for the patch and to
339 Markus Oberhumer <markus@oberhumer.com> for giving special permission
340 to include his miniLZO project (GPL licensed) in dump/restore.
342 17. Some small buffer overruns fixes in rmt. Thanks to Antonomasia
343 <ant@notatla.demon.co.uk> for reporting the bugs.
345 18. Added a special rmt version which can do encryption when writing
346 to tape. Read examples/encrypted_rmt/README for details on
347 how to enable and configure it. Thanks to Ken Lalonde
348 <ken@globalremit.com> for the patch.
350 19. Made dump work with 2.5 kernel end of tape early warning semantics.
351 Thanks to Kai Makisara <Kai.Makisara@kolumbus.fi> for the patch.
353 20. Fixed a bug which caused dump -w|-W not to work anymore, because
354 the fs_freq and fs_passno fields in /etc/mtab are always set
355 to 0 0. Thanks to Trent Piepho <xyzzy@speakeasy.org> for
356 reporting the bug.
358 Changes between versions 0.4b32 and 0.4b33 (released February 10, 2003)
359 =======================================================================
361 1. Added a note in the restore man page clarifying the question
362 'set the permissions on the current directory ?' asked by
363 restore at the end of treatment in -i and -x modes.
365 2. Fixed the endianess issues when reading compressed tapes.
366 Thanks to Dark Force <daq4th@users.sourceforge.net> for
367 reporting this bug and providing test cases.
369 3. Fixed the "ACL won't be dumped" warning message (which showed
370 an extra, unrelated error message). Thanks to Dragan Krnic
371 <dkrnic@lycos.com> for reporting this bug.
373 4. Made dump look first into /etc/mtab, then into /etc/fstab
374 when searching for filesystem paths. Also fixed some problems
375 caused by binding mounts or multiple block device mounts.
376 Thanks to Matus Uhlar <uhlar@fantomas.sk>, Elliott Mitchell
377 <ehem@m5p.com>, Greg Edwards <gedwards@users.sourceforge.net>,
378 Brian Hoy <brian.hoy@opus.co.nz>. (fixes Debian bugs #147086
379 and #160305, Sourceforge bugs #618699 and #679832).
381 5. Made dump's -I option accept the value '0' meaning all the
382 read errors will be ignored. This can be useful when running
383 dump from unattended sessions (like cron jobs). Thanks to
384 John I Wang <jiwang@users.sourceforge.net> for the suggestion.
386 6. Fixed the output of dump to indicate 'blocks' instead of
387 'tape blocks' in the various messages (blocks are always
388 1 Kilobyte, tape blocks are 1 BK * '-b' argument), and
389 made it clearly print the current blocksize at the start of
390 a dump. Thanks to Michal Szymanski <msz@astrouw.edu.pl> for
391 the suggestions.
393 7. Made rmt understand long (largefiles) seeks.
395 8. Fixed build with very old versions of libext2fs, where
396 EXT2_FT_* constants were undefined.
398 9. Made dump accept the dumpdates path on the command line
399 (-D file option) instead of using only the hardcoded one.
400 Thanks to Piete Brooks <pb22@users.sourceforge.net> for the
401 suggestion.
403 10. Enabled rmt, LFS, readline, QFA options by default in
404 ./configure. Updated the configure process (new versions
405 of config.guess, config.sub etc).
407 Changes between versions 0.4b31 and 0.4b32 (released November 15, 2002)
408 =======================================================================
410 1. Changed dump to use fcntl(F_SETLK) style locking instead
411 of flock() when locking the dumpdates file. With the old
412 locking scheme, a local user having read rights on the
413 dumpdates file could be able to do a Denial of Service attack
414 on dump. In order to lock the dumpdates file with the new
415 scheme, the user would need to have write access on the file.
416 Thanks to Richard Johnson <Richard.Johnson3@ey.com> for
417 reporting the bug (originally a bugtraq post).
419 2. Fixed interactive 'ls' which caused spurious errors warnings
420 about 'undefined filetypes' detected. Thanks to Jorgen Ostling
421 <jorgen_ostling@users.sourceforge.net> for reporting this
422 bug.
424 3. Fixed dump's estimate when dealing with sparse inodes.
426 4. Modified dump to allow setting a blocksize bigger than 32kB
427 (raised the limit to 1024kB), because newer hardware needs
428 this for proper operation. Thanks to Dirk Traenapp
429 <dtraenapp@users.sourceforge.net> for reporting this.
431 5. Fixed a bug causing Dump to stop and report an error if an
432 inode number in the exclude file was followed by some amount
433 of whitespace. Thanks to Jeffrey Sofferin
434 <sofferin@users.sourceforge.net> for reporting this bug.
436 6. Fixed a bug which caused restore, in some particular cases,
437 to ask some 'scary' questions and leave a bunch of RSTTMP
438 directories behind when restoring incremental tapes. Thanks
439 to Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org> for reporting this bug and
440 providing the test cases.
442 7. Changed the wording when inodes are excluded from dump:
443 replaced 'Added inode 7 to exclude list' with
444 'Excluding inode 7 (resize inode) from dump', as suggested
445 by Elliott Mitchell <ehem@m5p.com> in a Debian bug report.
447 Changes between versions 0.4b30 and 0.4b31 (released July 30, 2002)
448 ===================================================================
450 1. Fixed rmt open flags transmission (GNU's symbolic syntax over
451 rmt) which I broke in 0.4b29. Thanks to Eros Albertazzi
452 <eros@lamel.bo.cnr.it> for reporting the bug.
454 Changes between versions 0.4b29 and 0.4b30 (released July 25, 2002)
455 ===================================================================
457 1. Made dump print out the ext2 logical block number in case of a read
458 error, which can be given as an argument to debugfs' ncheck command,
459 in order to find out the affected inode. Added note about this
460 usage in dump's man page.
462 2. Fixed a problem in restore when reading tapes written on big
463 endian machines with very old versions of dump. The patch was
464 contributed by George Helffrich <george@geology.bristol.ac.uk>.
466 3. Fixed the tape length calculation when using large tapes
467 and compression. Thanks to Georg Lippold
468 <g_lippold@sourceforge.net> for reporting the bug.
470 4. Added a new set of examples in dump_on_cd_2 directory, based
471 on dump_on_cd examples but somewhat enhanced, supporting DVD
472 media, and localized in english and german. Thanks to
473 Georg Lippold <g_lippold@sourceforge.net> for the new scripts.
475 5. Made dump save 32 bit UID/GID. Internally, this was achieved
476 by switching from the old BSD inode format to the new BSD
477 inode format, which means that the tape format was changed.
478 However, since all restore versions out there should
479 transparently support both inode formats, the change should
480 have no side effects. Thanks to John Yu <jky@cs.bu.edu> for
481 reporting the bug.
483 6. Fixed a lot of warnings in the code shown when compiling
484 with 'gcc -W'. Thanks to Matthias Andree
485 <matthias.andree@stud.uni-dortmund.de> for reporting this.
487 7. Fixed a small markup bug in the dump man page. Thanks to
488 Eric S. Raymond <esr@minx.thyrsus.com> for submitting the
489 patch.
491 8. Rewrote entirely the man pages using the tmac.an macro
492 package (Linux man page format) instead of the original BSD
493 format. They should be now cleaner and easier to modify.
495 Changes between versions 0.4b28 and 0.4b29 (released June 8, 2002)
496 ==================================================================
498 1. Fixed a problem in the rmt ioctl command, where ioctl's issued from
499 non Linux clients were misinterpreted. The description of the problem
500 (incompatible numbering in Linux mtio opcodes) is documented at
501 ftp://ftp.fokus.gmd.de/pub/unix/star/README.mtio . Thanks to
502 Jörg Schilling <schilling@fokus.gmd.de> for reporting this bug and
503 providing an excellent, cross-platform replacement for rmt in his
504 star package.
506 2. Fixed a bug reported by Andy Mentges <amentges@jumpline.com>
507 which caused restore to fail when the inode maps were not entirely
508 contained on the first volume (when using really small volumes or
509 when dumping a huge number of inodes).
511 3. Fixed a problem in dump, where files in subdirectories of directories
512 that have the nodump flag set (or being excluded with -e/-E) were
513 sometimes incorrectly dumped (instead of being excluded). The original
514 fix is from David C Lawrence <tale@dd.org> in the FreeBSD version
515 of dump: http://www.FreeBSD.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=32414
516 Thanks to Ted Grzesik <tedgyz@roostme.com> for reporting the bug and
517 help testing the patch.
519 4. Added some example scripts from Gerd Bavendiek <bav@epost.de>
520 which makes one able to pipe the output of dump, by the net, to
521 a remote CD-burner server.
523 5. Made dump use O_CREAT|O_TRUNC both locally and remotely (over rmt),
524 and use GNU's symbolic syntax over rmt instead of numerical values
525 to assure multiple platform compatibility.
527 6. Documented the -d option in restore.
529 7. Added a -v (verbose) mode to dump. For now it just prints the number
530 of the inode being dumped, but this could evolve in future versions
531 to include interesting debugging output.
533 8. Added a -o flag to restore, which automatically restores the current
534 directory permissions in -i or -x mode, without asking the operator
535 whether to do so. Patch submitted by Tony Clayton <tonyc@e-smith.com>
536 and Peter Samuel <peters@e-smith.com>.
538 Changes between versions 0.4b27 and 0.4b28 (released April 12, 2002)
539 ====================================================================
541 1. Fixed a bug in the QFA feature which could have caused
542 a bad tape positionning on restore (causing extra delays in
543 restore). Credits go to Uwe Gohlke <uwe@ugsoft.de>.
545 2. Added a small note in the dump man page specifying that
546 there should be no white space between the option letter and
547 the -j or -z parameter, thanks to Kenneth Porter <shiva@well.com>
549 3. Made restore work with older versions of the readline library,
550 by checking in configure for several extended symbols. Restore
551 can now be compiled with a readline as old as the 2.0 release
552 (though it may be a good idea to upgrade it to a more recent
553 version...). Thanks to Andrew Donkin <ard@waikato.ac.nz> for
554 reporting the build failures.
556 4. Fixed a performance problem with the QFA file creation in
557 dump, which made unnecessary seeks on the tape slowing down
558 the dump. Thanks to Andrew Donkin <ard@waikato.ac.nz> for
559 reporting this issue.
561 5. Removed the inclusion of some kernel headers in the dump
562 source, which prevented the compile in some kernel/glibc
563 headers/architecture combination. Thanks to Bdale Garbee
564 <bdale@gag.com> for reporting the bug.
566 6. Added the appropriate error message when dump fails to
567 open the output file for writing. Thanks to Amith Varghese
568 <amithv@yahoo.com> for reporting this bug.
570 7. Made restore able to understand large Solaris ufsdump tapes
571 (containing inodes bigger than 4194304). Sun have introduced
572 an "extension" to the dump tape format when dealing with
573 those inodes, which was uncorrectly handled by Linux restore.
574 Thanks to Uwe Gohlke <uwe@ugsoft.de> for reporting the bug and
575 providing a test case.
577 8. Added the -m parameter to dump which optimises the output for
578 inodes having been changed but not modified since the last dump
579 ('changed' and 'modified' have the meaning defined in stat(2)).
580 For those inodes, dump will save only the metadata, instead of
581 saving the entire inode contents. Inodes which are either
582 directories or have been modified since the last dump are saved
583 in a regular way. Uses of this flag must be consistent, meaning
584 that either every dump in an incremental dump set have the flag,
585 or no one has it.
587 Changes between versions 0.4b26 and 0.4b27 (released February 15, 2002)
588 =======================================================================
590 1. Fixed behaviour of dump when exceeding resource limits
591 (SIGXFSZ treatment).
593 2. Added the -L flag to restore to allow the user to specify a
594 maximal allowed number of miscompares when using restore
595 with the -C option to check the backup.
597 3. Detailed the manual entry for the -N option of restore.
599 4. Added the -a flag to restore to make able doing unattended
600 restores in -i or -x mode (automatically walks through the
601 multiple dump volumes).
603 5. Extended the QFA mode to work with local files and/or
604 remote tapes and files. This way, restore can know in advance
605 the tape number and the offset for the inodes to extract and
606 can minimize the extraction time by seeking directly to the
607 good tape/offset.
609 6. Added the -A <archive> option to both dump and restore,
610 which makes dump to archive a dump table-of-contents in
611 the specified file to be used by restore to determine
612 whether a file is in the dump file that is being restored.
613 (the archive file syntax is also compatible with the
614 Solaris ufsdump generated one).
616 7. Small fix in restore making it able to read some (broken ?)
617 Solaris ufsdump tapes.
619 8. Fixed dump to correctly recognise the root filesystem when using
620 ext2 disk labels (LABEL=/). Thanks to John Yu <jky@it.bu.edu>
621 for reporting this bug.
623 9. Added the -P <file> option to restore to create a
624 Quick File Access file from an already made dump. Patch
625 contributed by Uwe Gohlke <uwe@ugsoft.de>.
627 10. Made restore compile and run on Solaris, making it a
628 possible replacement for the standard ufsrestore. Port was
629 contributed by Uwe Gohlke <uwe@ugsoft.de>.
631 Changes between versions 0.4b25 and 0.4b26 (released January 7, 2002)
632 =====================================================================
634 1. Added a set of backup scripts from Eugenio Diaz
635 <getnito@yahoo.com> in the examples section. It features
636 automatic (cron based) full and incremental dumping of
637 several filesystems on a separate filesystem.
639 2. Fixed a off-by-one miscalculation which disabled dumping
640 a one letter subdirectory. Thanks to Chris Siebenmann
641 <cks@utcc.utoronto.ca> for reporting the bug.
643 3. Fixed several restore bugs occuring when trying to
644 restore some missing files on the tape. Thanks to Chris
645 Siebenmann <cks@utcc.utoronto.ca> for reporting the bug.
647 4. Fixed --with-ldopts configure argument passing, installing from
648 a separate object directory, makefile cleanups contributed
649 by <splite@purdue.edu>.
651 5. Fix a bug which could caused, in some conditions, the highest
652 number inode of a filesystem, to not be dumped. Many thanks
653 to Chris Siebenmann <cks@utcc.utoronto.ca> for helping me
654 chase this bug.
656 Changes between versions 0.4b24 and 0.4b25 (released November 17, 2001)
657 =======================================================================
659 1. Added a mini howto from Patrick Walsh in the examples
660 directory.
662 2. Minor man pages syntax corrections. Thanks to
663 Chris Danis <screechco@home.com> for reporting the bugs.
665 3. Added a script from David B. Peterson <dave@toppledwagon.com>
666 to the examples section. It features dumping several
667 filesystems to a remote tape drive upon ssh.
669 4. Added a patch provided by Richard Jones <rich@annexia.org>
670 which allows BRADEMAX (number of read errors tolerated by
671 dump) to be adjusted using the -I option.
673 5. Fixed a bug which disabled doing "restore -C -f -". Thanks
674 to Clemens Stiglechner <a9401816@unet.univie.ac.at> for the
675 patch.
677 6. Add the -l option to restore to specify if, when doing a
678 remote restore, the file used to access the backup is a
679 regular file (the defaults being a tape drive). Restore needs
680 to know this information when reading a remote compressed
681 dump. Previously, this information was autodetected, but
682 the autodetection code fails (with ioctl: Inappropriate ioctl
683 for device) when using a non Linux remote box. Thanks to
684 many users and especially to Eros Albertazzi
685 <eros@lamel.bo.cnr.it> for reporting this.
687 7. Found a workaroung for the dump deadlock problem (3 childs
688 stuck in pause(), father in read()). The workaround seems
689 to work for me and several beta-testers. If it doesn't work
690 for you, please report back.
692 8. Updated the RPM spec file (BuildPrereq, URL etc).
694 Changes between versions 0.4b23 and 0.4b24 (released September 12, 2001)
695 ========================================================================
697 1. Fixed the permissions of a newly created QFA file by dump.
699 2. Cleaned up the source of dump (the external variables
700 definition was a complete mess, making possible to have
701 objects overlap).
703 3. Fixed restore to use the full tape volume path when doing
704 a compare (since it changes the working directory to the
705 filesystem being compared in the process).
707 4. Added the -q option to dump which makes dump abort
708 whenever it needs operator attention. It should be
709 easier to use dump in scripts with this option.
711 5. Detect the use of incompatible options to dump and
712 refuse them (like -a and -B options together).
714 6. Added bzip2 compression to dump/restore (use option -j level
715 to select it). Note that you will need a restore version
716 >= 0.4b24 in order to restore a bzip2 compressed dump.
717 The same warning as for the zlib compression applies:
718 the tape format of a bzip2 dump is not compatible with the
719 original BSD tape format.
721 7. Fixed a overflow problem in dump corrupting the dump when
722 very large files were encountered. Thanks to Vladimir Nadvornik
723 for the bug report.
725 8. Added a ioctl(BLKFLSBUF) in dump which should flush the
726 kernel buffer/page cache before starting the dump, helping
727 a bit those who use dump on mounted filesystems. Thanks to
728 John Yu <jky@it.bu.edu> and to Theodore T'so <tytso@mit.edu>
729 for this suggestion.
731 9. Updated the RPM spec file following the RedHat changes
732 (dynamically linked binaries now in /usr/sbin etc).
734 10. Added a patch from Helmut Jarausch <jarausch@igpm.rwth-aachen.de>
735 which enables restore to recognise multi volume compressed dumps
736 done on CD. Included his scripts for dump (which pipe the dump
737 output directly into cdrecord) and restore. There is now
738 possible to to backups to CD on the fly!
740 Changes between versions 0.4b22 and 0.4b23 (released July 20, 2001)
741 ===================================================================
743 1. Fixed a buffer overflow in restore/tape.c. Patch provided by
744 Marcus Meissner (Caldera International Security Dept.).
746 2. Implement the Sun rmt extended protocol. Patch submitted
747 by Ian Gordon <iangordon@users.sourceforge.net>.
749 3. Check for the e2fsprogs header <ext2fs/ext2_fs.h> instead of
750 the linux kernel header. This ensures that dump always has the
751 latest version of this file. Patch submitted by
752 Andreas Dilger <adilger@turbolinux.com>.
754 4. Report any filesystem present in either /etc/fstab with a
755 positive passno or /etc/dumpdates in dump -w output.
756 Patch submitted by Andreas Dilger <adilger@turbolinux.com>.
758 5. Fixed the looping problem in dump introduced in the
759 previous version.
761 6. Changed the -B option of dump to limit the size of
762 _compressed_ output per volume if compression is on.
763 Patch contributed by Helmut Jarausch
764 <jarausch@igpm.rwth-aachen.de>. Note however that, since
765 it is impossible to predict the size of the compressed
766 data before doing the compression, the -B limit is a bit
767 conservative.
769 7. Fixed a bug in reading the operator typed file/tape path for
770 the next volume in restore.
772 8. Implemented a "-F script" option to restore which permits the
773 user to specify a script which will be launched at the
774 beginning of each tape, useful for automatic programming of
775 tape changers for example. See the restore man page for the
776 script parameters and return codes.
778 9. Small fix for the QFA routines provided by Uwe Gohlke
779 <uwe@ugsoft.de>, and some recommendations for QFA uses in
780 the man pages.
782 10. Fixed the multivolume restoring where making a mistake
783 to the 'Mount next tape' prompt caused several blocks to
784 be lost.
786 11. Enhanced the -e option of dump to take as a parameter a
787 comma separated list of inode numbers.
789 12. Added the -E option to dump which specify a file containing
790 inode numbers to exclude from the dump.
792 13. Fixed the compressed multi-volume dump + restore.
794 Changes between versions 0.4b21 and 0.4b22 (released May 12, 2001)
795 ==================================================================
797 1. Made dump report the number of blocks dumped per volume.
798 Thanks to Kenneth Porter <shiva@well.com> for the suggestion.
800 2. Fix a bug in dump where waiting too much at the 'change volumes'
801 question caused the volume to be rewritten. Thanks to
802 Graham Reed <greed@users.sourceforge.net> for reporting the
803 bug and providing a patch.
805 3. Added a compression option to dump, contributed by Jerry
806 Peters <gapeters@worldnet.att.net>.
808 WARNING: the compression works only on files/pipes and
809 drives supporting variable block size.
811 WARNING2: tapes created using the compression feature are
812 incompatible with the standard dump tape format, and a
813 version of restore >= 0.4b22 will be needed for extraction.
815 4. Fixed some compilation problems for glibc 2.2.2 and 64 bit
816 architectures. Thanks to Paul Slootman <paul@debian.org> for
817 the patch and to Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> for forwarding
818 it upstream.
820 5. Many cleanups (CPP defines, const char warnings, check of
821 ext2fs COMPAT flags, time_t cleanups, added libext2 version
822 in dump usage text) by Andreas Dilger <adilger@turbolinux.com>.
824 6. Made --prefix option work in configure. All the install path
825 are now based on the configure parameters.
827 7. Added the Quick File Access mode in dump/restore, contributed
828 by Uwe Gohlke <uwe@ugsoft.de>. In this mode, dump stores in
829 a file tape position for each inode, and this file is used by
830 restore (if called with parameter Q and the filename)
831 to directly position the tape at the file restore is currently
832 working on. This saves hours when restoring single files from
833 large backups, saves the tapes and the drive's head. Use
834 --enable-qfa option of configure to compile in the QFA support.
836 8. Added the possibility to dump several files and directories
837 in a single invocation of dump. Thanks to Uwe Gohlke
838 <uwe@ugsoft.de> for implementing this option.
840 9. Fixed the dumping and restoring of files with holes
841 (files ending with holes didn't get dumped or restored
842 correctly).
844 10. Fixed a socket descriptor leak in dump, which leaved opened
845 3 file descriptors per dump process (and there is one dump
846 process per tape).
848 11. Fixed dump large file system support, by explicit use of
849 open64/lseek64/etc functions (explicit use needed because
850 e2fsprogs libraries don't behave well when compiled with
853 Changes between versions 0.4b20 and 0.4b21 (released January 13, 2001)
854 ======================================================================
856 1. Fixed some bugs in the dump -w|-W logic introduced by
857 the previous version. Thanks to Andreas Dilger
858 <adilger@turbolinux.com> for his help on this one.
860 2. Fixed again a compilation problem when using old e2fs
861 headers (filesystem label related). Thanks to many users
862 who reported this stupid error.
864 3. Fixed a build problem on old lib5 based systems dealing with
865 _PATH_MNTTAB being undefined. Thanks to John Adams
866 <johna@onevista.com> for reporting the bug.
868 4. Improved the error detection in restore when creating
869 the temporary files in TMPDIR. Now restore will corectly
870 report a 'no space left on device' error instead of
871 strange errors which could imply an archive corruption.
872 Thanks to Gabriel Somlo <somlo@cs.colostate.edu> and
873 bgjenero <bgjenero@sympatico.ca> for reporting the bug.
875 5. Added the throughput information in dump's progression
876 messages. Thanks to Andreas Dilger <adilger@turbolinux.com>
877 for the patch.
879 6. Use libext2fs's inode scanning routines, which are particularly
880 robust when dealing with errors (especially when having some
881 bad blocks on the filesystem). Many thanks to Colin
882 <colin@horizon.com> for reporting the bug, investigating
883 the issues, finding a workaround, writing the patch and
884 fully testing it... (of course, if this patch will break
885 anything, he is to blame for :-)).
887 7. Made dump and restore LFS aware. Dump can dump a filesystem
888 containing large files, generate a large file on output and
889 restore can restore them. This feature is not enabled by
890 default, use --enable-largefile option of configure to enable
891 it (you need to have a LFS aware glibc though). Thanks to
892 Andrea Arcangeli <andrea@suse.de> for submitting the patch,
893 and to Theodore T'so <tytso@valinux.com> for his always
894 useful thoughts.
896 8. Made dump ask upon a tape write error if it should rewrite
897 the current volume (assume this is a bad tape) or if it should
898 assume an end-of-tape condition (useful for tape drives which
899 behaves badly at the end of the tape). Thanks to Andreas
900 Dilger <adilger@turbolinux.com> for the suggestion.
902 Changes between versions 0.4b19 and 0.4b20 (released November 10, 2000)
903 =======================================================================
905 1. Fixed a small compilation problem due to a change
906 in the definintion of the struct sigaction in
907 glibc 2.0 / libc5. Thanks to Gunther Schlegel
908 <schlegel@riege.de> for reporting the bug and to
909 Dave Platt <dplatt@snulbug.mtview.ca.us> for suggesting
910 a fix.
912 2. Modified the label and uuid analysis in order to be
913 self-contained (independant of kernel/libc headers). This
914 should fix the compile with older kernel/libc headers and
915 will preserve the functionality. Thanks to Bernhard Erdmann
916 <bernhard.erdmann@gmx.de> for reporting the bug.
918 3. The 'exclude inode' option, if applied to a directory
919 inode, excludes now correctly all the leaves of this
920 directory. Thanks to John R. Dennison
921 <gerdesas@users.sourceforge.net> for reporting the bug.
923 4. Fixed the '-e' option to disable the possibility
924 to exclude the root inode (which causes the dumps to
925 be unreadable by restore). Prevented array overflow
926 when multiple -e options are used.
928 5. Fixed dump to correctly interpret a filesystem argument
929 which is a mountpoint and it is not an absolute path
930 (as specified in the fstab). Thanks to Bernhard R. Erdmann
931 <be@berdmann.de> for reporting the bug.
933 6. Made dump able to backup files larger than 2 GB. Note that
934 dump still doesn't cope with files larger than 4 GB.
936 7. Restore the real uid and gid before invoking an external
937 RSH program (big hole when dump or restore is suid root!).
939 8. Get the values for the default tape device and the location
940 of fstab file from the system headers. Thanks to
941 Andreas Dilger <adilger@turbolinux.com> for the patch.
943 9. Made dump -w|-W report all recognized filesystems
944 present in either /etc/fstab or /etc/dumpdates, and present
945 the list in the same order as in fstab file. Thanks
946 to Andreas Dilger <adilger@turbolinux.com> for the patch.
948 10. Made dump's -a (automatic end of tape detection) the
949 default. Specifying one of -B, -c, -d or -s options will
950 override the EOM detection. Thanks to Andreas Dilger
951 <adilger@turbolinux.com> for the patch.
953 11. Save the ext2 filesystem label into the dump volume label.
954 Specifying a volume label on the command line (-L option)
955 will override this feature. Thanks to Andreas Dilger
956 <adilger@turbolinux.com> for the patch.
958 Changes between versions 0.4b18 and 0.4b19 (released August 20, 2000)
959 =====================================================================
961 1. Fixed the signal handling in dump (which I broke in 0.4b17)
962 which was causing several strange dump failures (dump
963 hanged or segmentation faults etc).
965 2. Specified the default blocksize in the dump man page.
967 3. Changed two info messages of restore to be written on stdout
968 instead of stderr in order to leave stderr only for errors
969 or warnings. Thanks to Stephen Atwell
970 <satwell@urbana.css.mot.com> for the suggestion.
972 4. Corrected an off by one calculation which prevented
973 dumping a directory having a 1 character name length.
974 Thanks to Bernhard Erdmann <bernhard.erdmann@gmx.de>
975 for reporting the bug.
977 5. Reinforce dump in order to allow only level 0 and no
978 -u option when dumping a subdirectory, and document
979 this in the man page. Thanks to Bernhard Erdmann
980 <bernhard.erdmann@gmx.de> for reporting the bug.
982 6. Fixed a small harmless bug in restore which caused
983 in some conditions hard links to be restored several
984 times (therefore generation some warning messages).
985 Thanks to Kenneth Porter <shiva@well.com> for
986 reporting the bug.
988 7. Updated the RPM spec file to the latest RedHat version,
989 providing FHS packaging and other cosmetic changes.
990 You will need RPM version >= 3.0.5 in order to build the RPM.
992 8. Updated the configure script to check for libtermcap
993 before checking for libreadline, because we need this
994 library in order to compile the readline support.
996 9. Made dump understand the LABEL= and UUID= notation
997 both in /etc/fstab and on the command line. Note that
998 you will need the /proc filesystem in order to use
999 these notations. Thanks to Erik Troan <ewt@redhat.com>
1000 for providing the patch.
1002 Changes between versions 0.4b17 and 0.4b18 (released June 30, 2000)
1003 ===================================================================
1005 1. Fixed a potential buffer overflow in restore. Thanks
1006 to Stan Bubrouski <satan@fastdial.net> for reporting
1007 the bug.
1009 2. Fixed a readline-related bug which prevented
1010 'cat DUMPFILE | restore -i -f -' from working. Thanks
1011 to Charles Karney <karney@users.sourceforge.net>
1012 for the bug report.
1014 3. Changed a few "panic" into "exit", causing restore to
1015 be more stable against some attacks (like the last one
1016 reported on Bugtraq, although the last version of restore
1017 was not vulnerable - just dumped core). Thanks to
1018 Andreas Hasenack <andreas@conectiva.com.br> for reporting
1019 the bugs to me.
1021 4. Removed the suid-root bit on dump and restore in the
1022 default build (and generated RPMs). It should be safer
1023 now. Users who need the suid-root capabilities in order
1024 to make network backups should read first the man page
1025 of dump and enable the suid bit manually.
1027 5. Added -ltermcap to the compile parameters for restore
1028 when using readline support, in order to make the compile
1029 process work on some systems (SuSE ?). Thanks to
1030 Patrik Schindler <poc@pocnet.net> for reporting the bug.
1032 Changes between versions 0.4b16 and 0.4b17 (released June 1st, 2000)
1033 ====================================================================
1035 1. The -F script is called now *only* at the end of a tape,
1036 not at the end of the dump. Thanks to Christian Haul
1037 <haul@informatik.tu-darmstadt.de> for the bug report.
1039 Normally, the device name and the current volume number
1040 are passed on the command line of the script. However,
1041 if you want the old style script (with no arguments
1042 passed on the command line), you can enable it in
1043 configure with the --enable-oldstylefscript.
1045 2. Use posix signal handling to preserve dump functionality
1046 with libc5. Thanks to Jeff Johnson <jbj@redhat.com> for
1047 the patch.
1049 3. Made the exit code of restore in case of a 'C'ompare
1050 command reflect the result of the compare. An exit status
1051 of 0 means the dump archive is correct, 1 means tape errors,
1052 2 means that some files were modified. Thanks to Kenneth Porter
1053 <shiva@well.com> for the suggestion.
1055 4. Made (finally) quotes work in interactive restore.
1057 5. Small fixes in order to allow dump to compile with a
1058 really old e2fsprogs version. Thanks to Ian Zimmerman
1059 <itz@speakeasy.org> for the bug report.
1061 6. Add GNU readline capabilities to interactive restore.
1062 Use configure's --enable-readline flag to enable this feature.
1063 Thanks to Patrik Schindler <poc@pocnet.net> for the
1064 suggestion.
1066 7. Do the compare on the fly in restore 'C' mode (this will
1067 allow not to exhaust the available /tmp space when
1068 ccmparing large files). Thanks to Kenneth Porter
1069 <shiva@well.com> for the suggestion.
1071 Changes between versions 0.4b15 and 0.4b16 (released March 11, 2000)
1072 ====================================================================
1074 1. Fixed some several duplicate 'DUMP: DUMP:' in the
1075 output of dump.
1077 2. Corrected the estimation of blocks to dump. Note that
1078 this is still wrong for large directory inodes, due
1079 to the size of a BSD directory entry on the tape
1080 (estimation is based on the size of the ext2 directory,
1081 which is smaller because it doesn't contain the null
1082 character at the end).
1084 3. Made dump report the total number of MB written to
1085 tape at the end of run. Thanks to W. Reilly Cooley
1086 <wcooley@nakedape.cc> for the patch.
1088 4. Added the -X option to restore giving the possibility
1089 to read the names of the files to be extracted/listed
1090 from a text file (in addition of the command line).
1091 Thanks to Dejan Muhamedagic <dejan@quant-x.com> for the
1092 patch.
1094 5. Added the device name and the current volume number
1095 as arguments to the end of tape script (dump -F option).
1097 6. Made the multi-volume dump work again (after having
1098 broken it in 0.4b15).
1100 Changes between versions 0.4b14 and 0.4b15 (released March 2, 2000)
1101 ===================================================================
1103 1. Added a prompt command in interactive restore mode. Thanks
1104 to Andreas Dilger <adilger@home.com> for the patch.
1106 2. Fixed a buffer overflow problem in dump (caused by
1107 not checking the size of the filesystem parameter).
1108 Thanks to Kim Yong-jun <loveyou@hackerslab.org> for
1109 reporting this on Bugtraq (and to several dump users
1110 who forwarded me his mail).
1112 3. Added the '-F script' option to dump in order to
1113 launch a script at the end of each tape (to be used
1114 with a tape changer, or to notify the sysadmin by
1115 pager etc.).
1117 4. Fixed a bug in restore compare code caused by the changes
1118 I made in 0.4b14.
1120 5. Fixed the treatment of options using the old BSD syntax
1121 in both dump and restore.
1123 Changes between versions 0.4b13 and 0.4b14 (released February 10, 2000)
1124 =======================================================================
1126 1. Fixed a bug in dump which may have caused invalid deleted
1127 directories to be dumped out if they were deleted after the
1128 mapping pass. This could occure on active filesystem and lead
1129 to heap corruption (causing dump malfunction in many possible ways).
1130 Thanks to Jan Sanislo <oystr@cs.washington.edu> for finding this
1131 bug and submitting the patch.
1133 2. Fixed the handling of the filesystem parameter in dump. A
1134 '/mnt/disk' parameter caused the disk contents to be dumped,
1135 but a '/mnt/disk/' parameter caused the mountpoint directory
1136 to be dumped (generally an empty directory).
1138 3. Improved the output of dump in order to tell which directory
1139 it is currently dumping (when dumping a subtree).
1141 4. Added the '-e' exclude inode option to dump. Thanks to
1142 Isaac Chuang <ike@isl.stanford.edu> for contributing with the patch.
1144 5. Added a REPORTING-BUGS file in order to provide a guide
1145 on how to correctly report a bug in dump/restore.
1147 6. Fixed a restore problem when restoring a hard link to an inode
1148 having the immutable or append-only attribute set. Thanks to
1149 Ambrose Li <acli@mingpaoxpress.com> for submitting the patch.
1151 7. Fixed a compatibility problem between dumps made on little
1152 endian machines (the format was correct) and big endian
1153 machines (the format was incorrect). This fix break the
1154 compatibility with the older dumps made on big endian
1155 machines (sparc, m86k, ppc etc). For the first time in
1156 linux dump's history (I believe), the dumps made by *BSD,
1157 Linux/alpha, Linux/sparc and Linux/x86 are compatible,
1158 so interchangeable. Thanks to Rob Cermak
1159 <cermak@ahab.rutgers.edu> for submitting the bug and
1160 helping me test the fix.
1162 8. Fixed the way dump reports the remaining percent/time, if
1163 the number of blocks actually dumped exceeds the estimated
1164 number of blocks. Thanks to Jean-Paul van der Jagt
1165 <jeanpaul@dutepp0.et.tudelft.nl> for reporting the bug.
1167 Changes between versions 0.4b12 and 0.4b13 (released January 21, 2000)
1168 ======================================================================
1170 1. Small Y2K fix in the man pages :). Thanks to Bernhard Sadlowski
1171 <sadlowsk@Mathematik.Uni-Bielefeld.DE> for reporting the bug.
1173 2. Removed the requirement to build the RPM as root from the
1174 spec file. Thanks to Christian Weisgerber
1175 <naddy@mips.rhein-neckar.de> for submitting this.
1177 3. Fixed a bug in dump related to the 'filetype' feature of ext2fs,
1178 causing dump to block when dumping really huge filesystems.
1179 Many thanks to Patrik Schindler <poc@pocnet.net> for
1180 helping me find this bug.
1182 4. Fixed the treatment for an interrupt signal when dump access
1183 the remote tape through RSH. Thanks to Christian Weisgerber
1184 <naddy@mips.rhein-neckar.de> for providing the patch.
1186 5. Fixed a bug which was causing dump/restore to display
1187 garbage characters instead of the remote host name.
1189 Changes between versions 0.4b11 and 0.4b12 (released January 8, 2000)
1190 =====================================================================
1192 1. Small fix in the dump man page. Thanks to Thorsten Kukuk
1193 <kukuk@suse.de> for submitting the patch.
1195 2. Fix for the exit code when using the size estimate option of
1196 dump. Thanks to Matti Taskinen <mkt@rni.helsinki.fi> for
1197 submitting the patch.
1199 3. Handle EINTR in atomical reads/writes in dump, which was causing
1200 dump to fail on some systems. Thanks to Eric Jergensen
1201 <eric@dvns.com> for reporting the bug and submitting the patch.
1203 4. Handle more than 16 characters for the device names in dumpdates.
1204 (up to 255 now). Thanks to Rainer Clasen <bj@ncc.cicely.de> for
1205 tracking down the problem and proposing the solution.
1207 5. Fixed a bug in dump which prevented the creation of the
1208 dumpdates file when doing a 0-level dump without already
1209 having a dumpdates file. Thanks to Patrik Schindler
1210 <poc@pocnet.net> for reporting the bug.
1212 6. Changed the way dump 'S' flag reports the size estimate
1213 from number of blocks into bytes (making it compatible
1214 with the Solaris version, and simplifying things for
1215 amanda users). Thanks to Jason L Tibbitts III
1216 <tibbs@math.uh.edu> for reporting the bug.
1218 7. Fixed a compatibility problem in linux/alpha dump tape format.
1219 Now the linux/alpha dump are (again) compatible with the
1220 other dump formats. But this breaks compatibility with
1221 older dumps made on alpha. Thanks to Mike Tibor
1222 <tibor@lib.uaa.alaska.edu> for helping me in finding this bug.
1224 Changes between versions 0.4b10 and 0.4b11 (released December 5, 1999)
1225 ======================================================================
1227 1. Added a '--enable-kerberos' to configure.
1229 2. Added a 'S' option to dump which determines the amount of space
1230 that is needed to perform the dump without actually doing it, similar
1231 to the Sun's ufsdump 'S' option. Patch contributed by Rob Cermak
1232 <cermak@ahab.rutgers.edu>.
1234 3. Added a 'M' multi-volume option to dump and restore which enables
1235 dumping to multiple files (useful when dumping to an ext2
1236 partition to make several dump files in order to bypass the 2GB
1237 file size limitation). The 'f' argument is treated as a prefix and
1238 the output files will be named <prefix>001, <prefix>002 etc. With
1239 the 'M' flag, restore automatically selects the right file without
1240 asking to enter a new tape each time.
1242 4. Fixed a memory leak which was causing dump to grow very big
1243 (270MB when dumping a 10GB filesystem...). Thanks to Jason
1244 Fearon <jasonf@netrider.org.au> for reporting the bug.
1246 Changes between versions 0.4b9 and 0.4b10 (released November 21, 1999)
1247 ======================================================================
1249 1. Make configure test if the system glob routines support
1250 extended syntax (ALTDIRFUNC). If not, use the internal glob
1251 routines instead of system ones. Thanks to Bernhard Sadlowski
1252 <sadlowsk@Mathematik.Uni-Bielefeld.DE> for reporting the bug
1253 and helping me resolve this and other minor libc5 compiling
1254 glitches.
1256 2. Fix a problem when dumping a ext2fs with the 'filetype'
1257 feature enabled. Thanks to Patrick J. LoPresti
1258 <patl@cag.lcs.mit.edu> for reporting the bug and to
1259 Theodore Y. Ts'o <tytso@mit.edu> for providing the patch.
1261 3. Made the nodump flag work on directories. A directory which
1262 has the nodump flag gets never dumped, regardless of its
1263 contents.
1265 4. Integrate a patch from Jeremy Fitzhardinge <jeremy@goop.org>
1266 which allows dump on an active ext3 filesystem. However, this
1267 is a "quick and dirty" patch which enables backup of an ext3
1268 filesystem through the ext2 compatibility (by ignoring the
1269 NEEDS_RECOVERY bit). The journal file is not recognized and
1270 it is dumped (it should not).
1272 5. Test the superblock compatibility flags when dumping, in order
1273 to be sure that we know how to deal with specific features.
1275 Changes between versions 0.4b8 and 0.4b9 (released November 5, 1999)
1276 ====================================================================
1278 1. Use lchown instead of chown, fixing a possible security problem
1279 when restoring symlinks (a malicious user could use this
1280 to deliberately corrupt the ownership of important system files).
1281 Thanks to Chris Siebenmann <cks@utcc.utoronto.ca> for detecting
1282 this and providing the patch.
1284 Changes between versions 0.4b7 and 0.4b8 (released November 3, 1999)
1285 ====================================================================
1287 1. Put dump sources under CVS, added Id tags in all files so
1288 one can use 'ident' on binary files.
1290 2. Added the dump/restore version in the usage text so one can
1291 easily verify the version he is using.
1293 3. Small patch from Nuno Oliveira <nuno@eq.uc.pt> which fixes
1294 a va_start/va_end problem on linux-ppc (always call va_start
1295 va_end in pairs each time we use a vararg function).
1297 4. Added again the DT_* constants because old libc does not
1298 contain them :(. Thanks to Eric Maisonobe <virnet@nat.fr>
1299 for submitting the bug report.
1301 5. Use ext2fs_llseek instead of llseek. With recent e2fsprogs
1302 this should enable dumping big (huge) filesystems.
1304 6. Added the RSH environment variable in order to be able to
1305 use a rsh replacement like ssh when doing remote backups (and
1306 bypass the security limitations of rcmd). Now you can do remote
1307 backups without being root (or making dump setuid root).
1309 7. Modified again the way dumpdates works. For incremental dumps,
1310 we need to read dumpdates even if we are not using 'u' option.
1311 Thanks to Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> for his ideas on how
1312 this should work.
1314 Changes between versions 0.4b6 and 0.4b7 (released October 8, 1999)
1315 ===================================================================
1317 1. Removed the 'k' flag from the restore 'about' text if kerberos
1318 was not compiled in.
1320 2. Prototyped (f)setflags from e2fsprogs and corrected the calls
1321 to them (fsetflags takes a char*, setflags an open fd!).
1323 3. (f)setflags is called only if the flags aren't empty. If the
1324 file is a special file, a warning is printed, because changing
1325 flags implies opening the device. Normally, a special file
1326 should not have any flag... (Debian bug #29775, patch provided
1327 by Abhijit Dasgupta <abhijit@ans.net>).
1329 4. Made possible to dump a file system not mentioned in /etc/fstab.
1330 (Debian bug #11904, patch provided by Eirik Fuller <eirik@netcom.com>).
1332 5. Changed the default behaviour to not create dumpdates
1333 unless 'u' option is specified. Removed the old "debian-patch"
1334 which provided the same thing. (Debian bug #38136, #33818).
1336 6. Removed all those dump*announce, since they were getting old...
1338 7. Added warning messages if dumpdates does not exist and
1339 when an inferior level dump does not exist (except for a level 0
1340 dump).
1342 8. Debugged the glob calls in interactive mode: restore used a
1343 dirent struct which was different from the /usr/include/dirent.h
1344 one (this used to work, is it a glibc2 change?), so none of the
1345 compat glob (which used /usr/include/dirent.h) or the system glob
1346 worked. Restore use now the system dirent (and the system
1347 DT_* constants), which are compatible with BSD ones.
1349 9. Added a configure flag (--with-dumpdatespath) to specify
1350 the location of dumpdates file. By default, it is
1351 /etc/dumpdates.
1353 10. Added the "AUTHOR" and "AVAILABILITY" sections and
1354 included the current date/version in man pages.
1356 11. Corrected the estimation of remaining time when
1357 the operator doesn't change the tapes quickly enough. This
1358 was an old bug, I thought I corrected it, and discovered
1359 that in fact it was corrected in two different places, so
1360 the results canceled each other...
1362 Changes between versions 0.4b5 and 0.4b6 (released October 1, 1999)
1363 ===================================================================
1365 1. Integrated multiple patches from RedHat, Debian and SuSE:
1367 - tweak dump/itime.c to not try to read dumpdates if the 'u' option
1368 isn't specified.
1369 - several fixes in the man pages.
1370 - update the default tape device to /dev/st0.
1371 - many updates for Linux Alpha (byte ordering, size_t etc).
1372 - buffer overruns.
1373 - use environment variable for TMPDIR (instead of /tmp).
1374 - use sigjmp_buf instead of jmp_buf (RedHat bug #3260).
1375 - workaround egcs bug (RedHat bugs #4281 and #2989).
1376 - wire $(OPT) throughout Makefile's.
1378 2. Upgrade the dump revision to 1, making possible to dump filesystems
1379 made with e2fsprogs-1.15 or newer. Nothing seems to break...
1381 3. Fix some compile warnings, prototype all functions.
1383 4. Use glibc err/glob instead of internal compatibility
1384 routines (only if available).
1386 5. Fix a compile error on Linux 2.2.7 / libc5 (5.4.44) (patch provided
1387 by Bernhard Sadlowski <sadlowsk@mathematik.uni-bielefeld.de>).
1389 Changes between versions 0.4b4 and 0.4b5 (released September 22, 1999)
1390 ======================================================================
1392 1. Integrated the changes from FreeBSD-3.1-RELEASE
1393 (mostly bug fixes, buffer overruns, dump has now an "automatic
1394 tape length calculation" flag, dump/restore can use kerberos now
1395 (this is NOT tested), use environment variables for TAPE and
1396 RMT etc.).
1398 2. Integrated three RedHat patches ("glibc", "kernel" and "bread" patches)
1400 3. Corrected a bug in restore when using 'C' option with multi-volumes
1401 tapes (files splited accros two tapes give "size changed" errors
1402 when comparing).
1404 4. Corrected the long standing bug when dumping multiple tapes.
1405 This works for me, needs further testing.
1407 Changes between versions 0.4b3 and 0.4b4 (released January 17, 1997)
1408 ====================================================================
1410 1. Dump now runs correctly on kernels 2.1.x
1411 Fix made by Gerald Peters <gapeters@worldnet.att.net>
1413 Changes between versions 0.4b2 and 0.4b3
1414 ========================================
1416 1. Use realpath() if available
1418 2. Report statistics
1420 Changes between versions 0.4b1 and 0.4b2
1421 ========================================
1423 1. Fixed the bug fix from Greg Lutz (I had made a mistake when integrating
1424 the patch)
1426 2. Fixed restore to make it able to read FreeBSD 2.x dumps again
1428 3. Fixed configure.in to correctly handle --enable-rmt
1430 Changes between versions 0.3 and 0.4b1
1431 ======================================
1433 1. Integrated the changes from 4.4BSD-Lite2
1435 2. Integrated the patches from Debian and Red Hat
1437 3. Portability changes: use the __u32, __u16, __s32, and __s16 types
1439 4. Changed dump to use the Ext2fs library to get block addresses. This
1440 should solve the endianness problem on SparcLinux.
1442 5. Created a configure.in file (shamelessly stolen from the e2fsprogs
1443 distribution's one) to use autoconf
1445 6. Fixed a few minor bugs
1447 Changes between versions 0.2e and 0.2f
1448 ======================================
1450 1. Added the creation of named pipes (fifos) in restore.
1452 2. Added the -N flag in the restore manual page.
1454 3. Added the file kernel.patch which contains the llseek() optimization
1455 patch for 1.2.x kernels.
1457 4. Fixed a bug in the restoration of symbolic links: owner and group were
1458 not restored.
1460 5. Integrated some changes from FreeBSD 2.2.
1462 6. Added a call to ftruncate() after restoring each file to restore
1463 correctly files ending by a hole.
1465 Changes between versions 0.2d and 0.2e
1466 ======================================
1468 1. Fixed a bug in the "set owner/mode" process. Every file was restored
1469 with owner = root (0) and group = root/wheel/whatever (0).
1471 Changes between versions 0.2c and 0.2d
1472 ======================================
1474 1. Dump is now able to backup 2GB+ filesystems.
1476 2. Dump and restore can now be linked as static binaries.
1478 Changes between versions 0.2b and 0.2c
1479 ======================================
1481 1. Fixed a bug when dumping ``slow'' (i.e. normal) symbolic links.
1483 Changes between versions 0.2a and 0.2b
1484 ======================================
1486 1. Really fixed the bug that I should have corrected in 0.2a.
1488 2. Enabled optimization again.
1490 Changes between versions 0.2 and 0.2a
1491 =====================================
1493 1. Disabled the optimization during compilation.
1495 Changes between versions 0.1 and 0.2
1496 ====================================
1498 1. Fixed a bug in fstab.c which caused a null pointer to be stored in
1499 the fs_type field (actually, I modified the file fstab.c to make it
1500 use the mntent functions).
1502 2. Dump and restore now use a 4.3 BSD compatible dump format. Backups
1503 made by dump should be readable by the BSD restore and backups made
1504 by the BSD dump should be readable by restore. Unfortunately, this
1505 means that the dump format has changed between version 0.1 and version
1506 0.2 :-(
1508 3. Dump is now able to backup a subtree, it is no longer limited to whole
1509 filesystems like the BSD version.
1511 4. Dump now uses ext2_llseek() so it is able to backup filesystems bigger
1512 than 2 GB.
1514 Changes between versions 0.0 and 0.1
1515 ====================================
1517 1. Now create links rdump and rrestore during the `make install' step.
1519 2. Linux port specific bugs added to the manual pages
1521 3. Incorrect estimation of the number of tapes blocks fixed when doing
1522 incremental backups.
1524 4. Better ls-like format in restore in interactive mode.