Fix an issue with the size of dump maps appearing when the filesystem has been resize...
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1 $Id: KNOWNBUGS,v 1.5 1999/11/21 00:17:12 tiniou Exp $
3 Known bugs and limitations of the dump/restore port
4 ===================================================
6 1. I have tried to minimize changes in the BSD source and some parts
7 may look ugly. dump/tape.c is really awfull but this is pure BSD
8 code :-) Maybe, I should replace it with a simpler and cleaner
9 version.
11 2. Kerberos mode is _NOT_ tested.
13 3. Some users related possible problems when dumping
14 active (mounted) filesystems. The problems are reported as
15 lseek and read error messages (with a negative count). If
16 you encounter this kind of problems, please report them
17 to the author.