Use sys_clone under Linux to share I/O contexts between dump processes.
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1 $Id: MAINTAINERS,v 1.4 2002/01/16 09:32:14 stelian Exp $
3 The dump and restore backup suit was ported to Linux's Second
4 Extended File System by Rémy Card <card@Linux.EU.Org>
6 He was the maintainer of the initial versions of dump (up and
7 including 0.4b4, released in january 1997).
9 I decided to continue the developpement and release a new version.
10 Rémy didn't respond to any mail I sent to him, so I have
11 promoted myself as the new maintainer :)
13 So, starting with 0.4b5, the new maintainer is me,
14 Stelian Pop <>.