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2022-06-12  Benno Schulenbergadjust a link for a README that was renamed
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2021-06-29  Benno Schulenbergadd a page that shows badges from Repology for fourteen...
2021-05-20  Benno Schulenbergadd a required alt attribute to an image
2021-05-20  Benno Schulenbergremove the invalid height attribute from all tables
2021-05-05  Benno Schulenbergput the <title> tag inside the <head> section of each...
2019-10-04  Benno Schulenbergreword the Source and Contact pages
2019-09-02  Benno Schulenbergharmonize some whitespace
2019-08-25  Benno Schulenbergremove the unneeded and invalid 'cols' attribute from...
2019-08-25  Benno Schulenbergremove redundant specifications of the 'height' attribute
2019-08-25  Benno Schulenbergremove the nonexistent attribute 'nosave'
2016-08-14  Benno Schulenbergrestore the GNU marker in nano's name
2016-06-20  Benno Schulenbergsome edits that were made on the server to get the...
2016-06-17  Benno Schulenbergadjust some titles and text for the new release
2016-06-14  Mike Frysingerconvert to https in almost all locations
2016-06-14  Mike Frysingerinitial commit