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2013-09-28  Mike Frysingertcp-client: do not leak sockets
2013-09-28  Mike Frysingertcp-client: handle connection errors
2013-09-28  Mike Frysingertcp-client: do not create multiple read pollers
2013-09-03  Mike Frysingeronly refresh metadata/playlist tabs when the underlying... v3.1
2013-09-01  Mike Frysingerauto-reconnect when we get an error v3.0
2013-09-01  Mike Frysingermpc: fix seekcur definition
2013-09-01  Mike Frysingerplaylist: new tab (very basic)
2013-09-01  Mike Frysingermpc: handle ACK responses
2013-09-01  Mike Frysingermpc: properly handle responses that spread multiple...
2013-09-01  Mike Frysingermpc: add playlist commands apis
2013-09-01  Mike Frysingertcp-client: allow caller to force pulling of more data
2013-09-01  Mike Frysingertcp-client: update API URLs
2013-09-01  Mike Frysingermpc: merge old state with new state
2013-09-01  Mike Frysingermpc: split up log levels
2013-08-25  Mike Frysingermpc: add more api funcs
2013-08-24  Mike Frysingermpc: move logging to object level and turn it off by...
2013-08-24  Mike Frysingermpc: fix typo in setting up crossfade()
2013-08-20  Mike Frysingerinitial extension v1.0