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Fix a small bug on an error path introduced by the hashtree patch.
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2005-01-21  Stelian Popprepare for release 0.4b39 release_0_4b39
2005-01-07  Stelian PopPrepare for 0.4b38 release. release_0_4b38
2004-07-07  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b37
2004-04-21  Stelian PopPrepare for dump 0.4b36 release. release_0_4b36
2003-12-21  Stelian PopPrepare for 0.4b35 release. release_0_4b35
2003-04-18  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b34 release_0_4b34
2003-02-10  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b33 release_0_4b33
2003-01-24  Stelian PopEnabled rmt, LFS, readline, QFA options by default...
2002-11-15  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b32. release_0_4b32
2002-11-15  Stelian Popupdate download location.
2002-07-30  Stelian PopPrepare for 0.4b31 release. release_0_4b31
2002-07-30  Stelian PopPrepare for 0.4b31 release.
2002-07-25  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b30 release_0_4b30
2002-06-08  Stelian PopPrepare for 0.4b29 release. release_0_4b29
2002-04-12  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b28
2002-04-11  Stelian Popimport some RedHat updates.
2002-04-04  Stelian Popprepare for 0.4b28pre1 release.
2002-02-15  Stelian PopPrepare for 0.4b27 release release_0_4b27
2002-01-16  Stelian Popnoos -> popies.net
2002-01-07  Stelian PopNo need for readline > 4.1...
2002-01-07  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b26 release_0_4b26
2001-11-17  Stelian PopPrepare for 0.4b25 release. release_0_4b25
2001-11-17  Stelian PopUpdated the spec file.
2001-09-12  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b24. release_0_4b24
2001-09-12  Stelian PopAdded Helmut Jarausch patch for restoring from multiple...
2001-09-12  Stelian PopModifications from the RedHat RPM.
2001-07-20  Stelian PopPrepare for 0.4b23 release_0_4b23
2001-07-18  Stelian PopRPM spec update and time.h cleanups (from RedHat latest...
2001-05-12  Stelian PopPrepare for 0.4b22 release. release_0_4b22
2001-05-12  Stelian PopAnother set of compression patches from Jerry.
2001-04-27  Stelian PopLFS fixes (explicit use of open64/etc)
2001-04-12  Stelian PopAdded BuildRequires: e2fsprogs-devel
2001-04-12  Stelian PopUpdate the spec file from RedHat.
2001-04-06  Stelian PopGet the install paths from configure.
2001-01-13  Stelian PopPrepare for 0.4b21 release_0_4b21
2000-12-04  Stelian Popcybercable -> noos.
2000-11-10  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b20 release_0_4b20
2000-08-20  Stelian PopPrepare to release 0.4b19
2000-08-20  Stelian PopMade dump understand the LABEL= and UUID= notations.
2000-08-20  Stelian PopUpdate to the latest RedHat RPM spec file.
2000-06-30  Stelian PopEnabled static readline restore. release_0_4b18
2000-06-30  Stelian PopPrepare to release 0.4b18
2000-06-30  Stelian PopRemoved the suid-root bit in the default build.
2000-06-01  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b17 release_0_4b17
2000-05-29  Stelian PopAdded readline capabilities to interactive restore.
2000-05-28  Stelian PopThe -F script is called now *only* at the end of a...
2000-03-11  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b16 release_0_4b16
2000-03-02  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b15
2000-02-10  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b14 release_0_4b14
2000-02-04  Stelian PopAdded REPORTING-BUGS.
2000-01-21  Stelian PopPrepare for release 0.4b13. release_0_4b13
2000-01-21  Stelian PopUpdate the location of dump home page (to the sourcefor...
2000-01-09  Stelian PopRemove the requirement to build the RPM as root from...
2000-01-08  Stelian PopFix the alpha dump header format. release_0_4b12
2000-01-07  Stelian PopPreparing the 0.4b12 release.
1999-12-05  Stelian PopRelease 0.4b11 release_0_4b11
1999-11-23  Stelian PopAdded % before 'configure'
1999-11-21  Stelian PopDump accepts ext3 filesystems. Checking the superblock... release_0_4b10
1999-11-11  Stelian PopMake a dump-static package also
1999-11-05  Stelian PopUse lchown instead of chown (security problem of symlin... release_0_4b9
1999-11-03  Stelian PopVersion 0.4b8 release_0_4b8