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2021-05-20  Benno Schulenbergremove two slashes that are not valid in HTML4
2021-05-05  Benno Schulenbergreplace an mdash with an ndash
2021-05-05  Benno Schulenbergprefix the title of each page with "nano — "
2021-05-05  Benno Schulenbergadd a <meta> description tag in the <head> section...
2021-05-05  Benno Schulenbergput the <title> tag inside the <head> section of each...
2021-05-02  Benno Schulenbergadd a screenshot of a lean 5.7
2021-04-29  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 5.7
2021-03-03  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 5.6.1
2021-02-24  Benno Schulenbergformat an overlooked option
2021-02-24  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 5.6
2021-01-14  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 5.5
2020-12-02  Benno Schulenbergrewrap the news item
2020-12-02  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 5.4
2020-10-07  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 5.3
2020-08-24  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 5.2
2020-08-12  Benno Schulenbergreshuffle a word
2020-08-12  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 5.1
2020-07-29  Benno Schulenbergproperly close two font-style tags
2020-07-29  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 5.0
2020-05-23  Benno Schulenbergbreak long line :|
2020-05-23  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 4.9.3
2020-04-07  Benno Schulenbergoof... encode < and >, after correcting permissions...
2020-04-07  Benno Schulenbergwhen doing a push, the affected objects get r--r--r...
2020-04-07  Benno Schulenberganother attempt, after correcting the permissions on...
2020-04-07  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 4.9.2
2020-04-01  Benno Schulenberganother attempt to trigger an update when pushing a...
2020-03-31  Benno Schulenbergchange whitespace, to trigger an update or see the...
2020-03-31  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 4.9.1
2020-03-24  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 4.9
2020-02-07  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 4.8
2020-01-02  Mike Frysingeradd support for dark mode preferences
2020-01-02  Mike Frysingerpull color styles out into CSS stylesheets
2020-01-02  Mike Frysingercrush all png images
2020-01-02  Mike Frysingerimport screenshots from checkout
2020-01-02  Mike Frysingermove symlinks into git for tracking
2019-12-23  Benno Schulenbergadd the missing tabulation stuff for the news item
2019-12-23  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 4.7
2019-12-06  Benno Schulenbergadd the 'lang' attribute, and drop the mistaken "genera...
2019-11-29  Benno Schulenbergadd <tt> tags around a keystroke
2019-11-29  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 4.6
2019-10-20  Benno Schulenbergmove another two disallowed breaks
2019-10-20  Benno Schulenbergadd extra breaks to restiore the spacing
2019-10-20  Benno Schulenbergremove disallowed breaks between list items
2019-10-20  Benno Schulenbergfix a misformatted list item
2019-10-12  Benno Schulenbergpush the bottom bar one row down
2019-10-12  Benno Schulenbergencode an accented character
2019-10-04  Benno Schulenberganother re-ordering of the bottom rows
2019-10-04  Benno Schulenbergre-order the bottom row, and change VCS to Git
2019-10-04  Benno Schulenberga few more text tweaks: condensing ones
2019-10-04  Benno Schulenberga few textual and formatting tweaks
2019-10-04  Benno Schulenberggather the "overview" stuff into a single page, and...
2019-10-04  Benno Schulenbergreword the Source and Contact pages
2019-10-04  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 4.5
2019-09-02  Benno Schulenbergkak -- missed a file
2019-09-02  Benno Schulenbergharmonize some whitespace
2019-09-02  Benno Schulenbergoops -- when using <pre> and <center>, trailing space...
2019-09-02  Benno Schulenbergimprove the spacing of the front-page elements
2019-08-25  Benno Schulenbergremove a few excess blank lines from the news page
2019-08-25  Benno Schulenbergmake the "News" title more conspicuous
2019-08-25  Benno Schulenbergput the latest version where nano's version number...
2019-08-25  Benno Schulenbergcorrect the <!DOCTYPE> declaration: include a URL of...
2019-08-25  Benno Schulenbergremove the unneeded and invalid 'cols' attribute from...
2019-08-25  Benno Schulenbergremove redundant specifications of the 'height' attribute
2019-08-25  Benno Schulenbergrewrap a couple of lines, and drop some trailing whitespace
2019-08-25  Benno Schulenbergremove the nonexistent attribute 'nosave'
2019-08-25  Benno Schulenbergelide a symlink
2019-08-25  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 4.4
2019-06-18  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 4.3
2019-04-25  Benno Schulenbergadd a screenshot of the 4.2 version
2019-04-24  Benno Schulenberguse <tt> instead of <pre> for monospace
2019-04-24  Benno Schulenbergput nano's name and version in bold, and options in...
2019-04-24  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 4.2
2019-04-15  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 4.1
2019-03-29  Benno Schulenbergoops -- change the year too
2019-03-26  Benno Schulenberganother attempt at putting some air between the screenshots
2019-03-26  Benno Schulenbergadd a screenshot of the 3.2 version
2019-03-24  Benno Schulenbergencode more of those pointy brackets
2019-03-24  Benno Schulenbergencode literal angular brackets -- again
2019-03-24  Benno Schulenbergmake the bulletted list a single block of text
2019-03-24  Benno Schulenbergmake a bulletted list in HTML
2019-03-24  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 4.0
2019-03-23  Benno Schulenbergadd a link to the newly-added cheatsheet
2019-03-23  Benno Schulenbergcondense the documentation page a bit
2019-03-23  Benno Schulenbergremove trailing newline from version numbers and date
2019-03-23  Benno Schulenbergfix malformatted table
2018-11-11  Benno Schulenbergoof -- angular brackets again, they need to be encoded
2018-11-11  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 3.2
2018-09-18  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 3.1
2018-09-09  Benno Schulenbergencode angular brackets as &lt; and &gt; -- it is HTML
2018-09-09  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 3.0
2018-06-02  Benno Schulenbergwho: put the original author first
2018-06-02  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 2.9.8
2018-05-16  Benno Schulenbergwho: add five more contributors of significant code
2018-05-16  Benno Schulenbergwho: a further attempt at a better layout
2018-05-16  Benno Schulenbergwho: trying to improve the layout
2018-05-16  Benno Schulenbergwho: add some separators between the groups
2018-05-16  Benno Schulenbergwho: split Development team into Maintainer, Author...
2018-05-15  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 2.9.7
2018-04-27  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 2.9.6
2018-03-29  Benno Schulenbergnote the release of 2.9.5